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Have £300 to spend on a few days away in June. Theme park or visit my dad's Grave???

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drivinmecrazy · 15/05/2012 12:50

Am planning (or trying to) a few days away during half term with DH and 2 DDs (6 & 11). My Dad is buried in the Lake District, I haven't been to visit his grave since his ashes were interred almost 4 years ago (have never felt the need, plus the issue of time and money as it's quite a trek for us). Decided a few weeks ago I would like to go up and 'see' him, and feel ready. This means we would spend 3 days in the Lakes, also seeing a few distant relations and showing the girls more of their history and roots. We used to go up frequently with my parents but not since DD2 was born.
Alternatively, we spend the money on a nice hotel and a trip to Alton Towers for the girls.
DH wants to combine both, but I think it will cost too much and logistically be a nightmare (live in Essex). Only have 4 days maximum so I think this option will involve so much rushing and traveling.
The girls haven't really been on many theme park visits, though did do 4 days Paris Disney last year, not really my cup of tea if I'm honest.
So, a few days in the Lakes or a trip to Alton Towers (I know which I would prefer). WWYD????

OP posts:
youbethemummylion · 15/05/2012 21:49

When I read the title I was all set to tell you to go to Theme Park as I've never got the visiting graves thing (OH's family are obsessed with it) I just don't get it and think the best way to 'honour' the dead so to speak is get on with your life and enjoy every moment not keep harping back to the past.

However I see your situation is different not only have you never been to your Dads grave it is not as if it is easy for you to do so.

Is there no where in the Lakes that would be good for the girls to visit. Don't know if there are theme parks nearby but perhaps some sort of Go Ape highwire course or caving or climbing something like that. (Sorry no idea what sort of things they have)

I think the visiting relatives, your fathers grave will be nice for them but maybe a fun kid orientated day to break it up a bit.

whitby80 · 24/05/2012 10:09

I would do lakes too too but agree with fonding some fun stuff to do too.

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