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Play date with a girl who was sick today wwyd?

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hillyhilly · 04/05/2012 19:56

My 7 yr old dd is due to go to a friends house tomorrow they have been really excited all week about it but the girl was sick on her way out of school this afternoon. Her mum says she's been fine ever since and that the playdate can still go ahead if she carries on being fine and my dd has a fairly cast iron constitution but I'm struggling to decide.
So, please a quick poll.
Should she go on the playdate or not?

OP posts:
MoaningMinnieRisesAgain · 04/05/2012 19:57

I wouldn't let mine go

upsidewide · 04/05/2012 19:59

I'd just check with the mum in the morning. If she hasn't been sick again then I would send her over.

hellhasnofurylikeahungrywoman · 04/05/2012 20:00

A one off sick, eats normally and it stays down? Yes I would but if she's sick again, then no I wouldn't.

thisisyesterday · 04/05/2012 20:01

i think i would leave it til tomorrow to decide,

if still no sick, then go ahead

Sparklingbrook · 04/05/2012 20:01

What upside said. If she hasn't been sick again no reason why not. The child has been at school with everyone all day anyway.

hillyhilly · 04/05/2012 20:15

Sparklingbrook, I didn't think of the fact they'd been together all day anyway!
I've said she can go if she carries on ok.
Thanks all, knew I could rely on you!

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