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How do I add a Facebook 'like' button on my blogger blog?

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Libran · 29/03/2012 19:51

Please can anyone explain this to me really simply? I am very confused. Thanks!

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JenniferJJ · 30/03/2012 20:12

I managed to do this a while back (I have deleted the page now!) and I think that I did it through Facebook itself. I've an idea that on the options screen when you are setting up the page there was an option where you could design your own button (size, layout etc.) and then it gave you the HTML code to paste to the blog.

Sorry to not be more helpful, hopefully someone else will come along that can give more precise instructions!

trulymyrtle · 30/03/2012 20:47

Facebook diagnostics. Click on the link on very bottom of my Facebook "box" and it takes you straight to the page. Tells you what to do there. Truly Myrtle

LittleRedFarm · 31/03/2012 14:34

To add a facebook like button go to the layout view of your blog (choose design on top right menu bar then select layout) and then add an html widget. Copy and paste code into it from here // You can play around with the design too before you press 'get the code'.

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