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Parent and Child activities during school time.

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Debeez · 16/03/2012 16:29

I only work 3 days a week, Mon-Wed. I attend as many parents meetings as I can alongside some of the other mums. Those that work part time tend to have their work days earlier in the week. The school raised the issue that not many people attend the in school parent child activities and quite a few people mentioned it would be easier if they were later in the week or last thing in the day.

Another school newsletter has arrived inviting us to come in lunch time on a Tuesday to do some lovely arts and crafts with the children. From experience those whose parents don't attend tend to stay in the classroom while the children with parents go to the hall.

I'm disappointed to miss out on this activity with my child and sad that he will miss out on something fun. We've raised the working parents issue with the school. Do we raise it again? Even more notice would help, then I could put in holidays.

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Gumby · 16/03/2012 16:33

I don't think the school can win here
I work Thursday's & Fridays
After school would be a pain for parents with older children needing to go to brownies etc & the teachers would be busy prepping for the next day or holding after school clubs

Debeez · 16/03/2012 16:35

I see your point. Our active parents must be quite unusual with our working days being in sync somewhat. Such a shame though. My boy attends after school clubs. Maybe I should volunteer myself there one day when I'm not at work.

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SarkyWench · 16/03/2012 16:36

I don't think that the issue is about which days they choose. I agree that they prob can't win.

The issue is about excluding kids who (through no fault if their own) don't have patents who can cone in. Totally unacceptable IMO.

Eglu · 16/03/2012 16:41

I think these events shouldn't be held too often as there are always going to be children whose parents can't/won't attend.

I also think that children whose parents don't attend shouldn't miss out. That is unfair.

BackforGood · 16/03/2012 16:44

If they are going to hold them more than once, then I think it's not unreasonable to ask if they can vary the days.... I did (ask that is) when we were going through this torment. I also agree that the more notice you give, then it will mean a few more can arrange things around it. There are some of course (eg teachers!) who will never be able to be there, so I hope they don't do these things more than once a year.

Debeez · 16/03/2012 17:05

Once or twice a term there's a parents activity. I know I'm so lucky to have a school that bothers to be honest. It's not a great school in MANY ways but things like this are great for the children. Tuesday does seem to be THE day for in school activities unfortunately, school plays too.

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