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Issue with parent at school....

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putthehamsterbackinitscage · 01/03/2012 20:57

Picked dd y6 up from friends tonight to be tol a Mum of girl in her class had threatened her - by showing her fist and glaring at her....

Dd and her dd used to be friends but have had regular falling outs, and apparently dd today told her dd tO stop picking on another girl.....

This mum was apparently going into see teacher about this when she saw my dd

Dd is now scared to walk in / out of school in case she meets this woman...

I am going to go into school tomorrow - is it reasonable to ask what they are going to do to make dd feel safe and to ensure she doesn't have to see this woman at school at all?

OP posts:
PorridgeBrain · 10/03/2012 00:27

Sounds reasonable to me. I would be going in to make sure I had the full story(both sides) on what has happened and show you are there to help get it resolved. But absolutely your dd should not be feeling threatened by another parent and the school need to nip that in the bud straight away.

FilterCoffee · 11/03/2012 13:24

How did you get on at the school?

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