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blatant abuse of power -directors team of public protection stoke-on-trent council

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sarah12347 · 24/02/2012 19:14

Myself and my Husband have for nearly 2 years have been complaining to enviromental health at our local council regarding pollution coming off a Lubricant manufacturer in our area we have had other agency's involved also. Much to no avail, the whole family because of how our home is orrientated get these chemicals coming into the house. it took the 18months to admit steam actually comes of the plant. Any wy things come to a bit of a head last wed/thurs and and at plant there had been an accident. We had suffered really bad symptoms. My husband had also finished his research into the plant , so again we contact the director of public protection public services and other members of his staff , 1 to ask about the accident and 2 to say we understand the process which is causing our ill health. His response and hat of his staff WAS NOT TO FORMALLY RESPOND , BUT TO MALICOUSLY EMERGENCY REFER MY FAMILY TO SOCIAL SERVICES . We do not mind social services come around. But the last week has been AWFUL, the investigation started as a concern for our childrens health, BUT WHEN THE EMERGENCY DUTY TEAM CAME OUT , THEY DID NOT KNOW WHY THEY WERE IN OUR HOME , THEY ARE THE TEAM THAT TAKE CHILDREN IF THEY FEEL THEY ARE AT RISK, THEY SAID THESE CHILDREN ARE WELL LOVED AND CARED FOR -WE THOUGHT THAT WAS THE END OF IT. BUT MONDAY CAME AND IT TURNED INTO AN INVESTIGATION IF WE WERE APPROPRIATE PARENTS Thursday (WEEK LATER)we were told it was a dubious referral and hey would not be taking any further action. We know social services are only doing there jobs its NOT social services i am annoyed with its the blatant abuse of power PUBLIC PROTECTION DIRECTORATE AT STOKE-ON-TRENT COUNCIL. WE ARE CALLING FOR AN INVESTIGATION AND ARE COMPILING A PETITION FOR THE INVESTIGATION INTO ENVIROMENATAL HEALTH

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