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Putting the Twitter icon on your blog

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BaronessOrczy · 20/02/2012 20:32

I'm trying to get the Twitter icon onto my blog - on a widget I mean, so that people can follow me, rather than just on the bottom of each post.

But the coding doesn't seem to work, I've just chosen which button I want and then put the coding into a text box on my Wordpress blog.

Has anyone else had this problem?

And how do you get the bird which floats down the page - and do people find that annoying or not?

OP posts:
ChloeGreene · 23/02/2012 18:09

Don't know about bird floating down the page. I haven't seen that. Sounds quirky.

I used to have a prominent Twitter logo at top right of my page when I was using old Blogger format.

When I moved to Blogger Dynamic View I lost it, except for a small icon at the bottom of each post. So if you want a prominent Twitter logo probably best to avoid Dynamic View.
However must add that Dynamic View does have some other advantages.

TootingJo · 24/02/2012 17:22

With Wordpress there's a Twitter widget that you can drag to your sidebar. I don't believe you can use it to show 'only' the 'follow me on Twitter' message, it shows that but you set it to show your last x number of tweets too. So perhaps it's not quite what you're looking for. If you want to see how it works I have it here:

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