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In the pub today...

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ILoveGregoryHouse · 19/02/2012 20:13

Took kids to the local family pub for Sunday lunch today as a treat. They are 8,6,3 and 15 months. We were having a lovely time and the people on tables around us were chatting to the kids. I am quite strict although they are chatty kids. They were sitting with us all the time, not running around - we were playing I-spy. Anyhow, dh took 3 year old to the loo and the baby got a bit cross for a minute - NOT screeching or anything. The waitress then came over and said she was really sorry, she had three children of her own, but someone on another table had asked if we could eat outside with the kids as they were making too much noise. I was totally flummoxed and mortified and she said that some people didn't like kids and she was sorry to have to say something but they'd asked. Honestly, they weren't that bad - we always take our children out if they're not behaving as they should. The people on the next table were shocked and told me not to mind and said to my three year old "there there, you have a good time darling" but I was really upset. Then I saw an older lady in her sixties I think just glaring at me. We decided to leave as I was just too embarrassed to stay. I know kids in restaurants are a touchy subject, but are kids really such second class citizens that they should go outside to eat because a couple of people didn't like them? What would you have done?

OP posts:
MrsJasonBourne · 19/02/2012 20:27

I would have said no, sorry, we're comfortable here thanks and I don't think we're being that noisy so I'm not going to disrupt our meal. But you can go back and say you've asked us.

Bloody cheek. Are kids not allowed out in public anymore? You've got as much right as anyone else to enjoy your meal. You've already said you would have taken them out if they had been noisy and if in your opinion they weren't then tough shit on the interfering old bag.

GodisaDj · 19/02/2012 20:28

Some fucking people, I would have been so angry Angry they're children for gods sake, of course they're noisy!

What a shit experience. I wouldn't have left and would like to think I would have had some witty response to the waitress to ensure all people around could hear - something along the lines of "if it's too 'noisy' maybe they could go outside or just leave the restaurant"

Id be annoyed at the restaurant for not handling it better too; they should not have even approached you. Could you write a complaint to the manager?

MrsJasonBourne · 19/02/2012 20:34

And also if it's a family pub who the hell eats there if they don't want to see kids? Some people are so entitled!

HJisthinkingofanewname · 19/02/2012 20:36

I wouldn't have left.

Btw it's nice to 'see' you ILGH wondered if you were still around :)

Sirzy · 19/02/2012 20:38

I would have said "No we dont want to go outside, please inform whoever complained they can move if they have a problem"

From what you have said the children were doing nothing out of the normal for children. If they were running riot I could have understood them being annoyed but not sat playing eye spy

tribpot · 19/02/2012 20:40

Outside? It's February!

DialMforMummy · 19/02/2012 20:40

I would have hit the roof. Some people sometimes are very loud or/and pissed, what would the customer have asked then? Shameful. Fuming for you Angry

Mumof1plustwins · 19/02/2012 20:43

I would have told them to move outside if theyre so unhappy!

You shouldn't of backed down IMO

Hope your next meal out is more pleasant!

ILoveGregoryHouse · 19/02/2012 20:45

Ah, hello Harriet Jones, is it you? We're all having a lovely time mostly! I'm still red faced now! Why am I so sensitive when other people can't see how utterly fabulous, perfect and beautiful my babies are? Maybe it's because I let ds2 flick a pea!

OP posts:
tribpot · 19/02/2012 20:47

Ah, it's classic AIBU (although you're not in AIBU) by stealth. You never mentioned the pea-flicking Wink

Kids in restaurants may be on thing, btw, but kids in a family pub on a Sunday = feck orf to somewhere else if you want a childfree lunch.

ILoveGregoryHouse · 19/02/2012 20:50

I know I know. Stealth reveal. I didn't mention about the ds3 asking for a different spoon for his ice cream either. He said please and thank you too. Naughty Wink. couldn't face AIBU, would cry for sure.

OP posts:
ILoveGregoryHouse · 19/02/2012 20:52

We had finished our main meal and kids were on pudding so I didn't leave too early. Just missed out on the sticky toffee pudding.

OP posts:
HJisthinkingofanewname · 19/02/2012 20:54

Now they were BU if you missed the sticky toffee pudding.

Yes it is me.

NatashaBee · 19/02/2012 21:01

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AmazingBouncingFerret · 19/02/2012 21:05

I have had similar when I took DS to his favourite restaurant (crown carvery! Grin) on his last day of freedom before he started big school full time.
We sat on a table for two in the bright airy section that once upon a time before the pub was a carvery was a section for adults only.
We were enjoying our meal with DS feeling very grown up being allowed fizzy orange until an older couple sat on the table next to us and started to complain loudly about children not being allowed in this section. I politely told them that if they felt so strongly about it they could of chosen one of the other numerous empty tables in the section. (or words to that effect, probably came out as more of a grunt and a snarl really but I like to think I was articulate!)

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