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Quality Over Quantity

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louhutt · 02/02/2012 16:59

I am finding it hard to post a decent post every day. When I read some of them back a week later I feel they are not as good as they could have been.

What is the optimum number of posts per week to keep readers happy but to also help the quality remain?

My blog is

I would appreciate your opinions!

OP posts:
OnlyANinja · 02/02/2012 17:02

I don't think there is an optimum number. I think the key is consistency. If people are used to you posting every day they will expect you to post every day,. If they are used to you posting 3x a week, or once a week, or less often, then that's what they will expect.

louhutt · 02/02/2012 17:30

Thanks. I keep changing my tempo and cannot seem to settle. I think I will aim for 3/4 per week and see how it goes.

OP posts:
SenseofEntitlement · 03/02/2012 12:28

This is one of the main reasons I contribute to a group blog - it takes the pressure off. To be honest, CH can be a bit sporadic, but we try to spread it so we have no more than three posts a day and no less than one, on the principle that people can check the site once a day and find at least one thing that they haven't read. We really must get it more regular thpugh.

Mummylimited · 03/02/2012 16:06

Oh my goodness, I could not post every day, so well done that you've even managed it. My brain would just not do it!

I tend to post 2 or 3 times a week, but there are times when I don't post at all. I do it when the mood takes me and I can fit it in.

I don't necessarily think people expect posts from different bloggers at different times. I tend to just open my reader and see what's there and some bloggers post daily, some once a week. As long as the content is good I will read. If you can post something you are happy with every day then go for it, if not don't force a post, as you say you want the quality remains.

I am at if you want to have a look. I can't speak of the quality, but you can see how often I post and decide if you think it's too much/not enough

crapteacher · 06/02/2012 14:12

I work full time but am trying to maintain one a week during school term time. Trouble is, I get carried away and end up writing between anything between 1500 and 3000 words!

I've created a rod for my own back, to be fair, but am also determined that it should be as well written as possible, so end up spending ages tweaking etc. Not everyone agrees with what I write, but I wouldn't like to push out a load of drivel just for the sake of getting something out there. Once it's out, it's hard to take back!


louhutt · 06/02/2012 17:24

I will end up having gaps due to study periods but once that is out of the way I think I will aim for 3/4 a week. Coming up with the material will be hard if I post every day as I like to try and be funny!

Thanks for your advice everyone! Much appreciated.

OP posts:
MissPB · 06/02/2012 18:27

I am finding the same as you louhutt. When I started my blog simplemissP I was very keen, had lots of ideas and posted every day. I think it was good in a way as i did build up a small number of followers, but I do wish I had developed some of the ideas in my posts and posted less frequently but of better quality.

I have since started working again for a few hours a week so that eats into my blogging time. My blogs have been more sporadic but I hope to settle into 2 or 3 a week eventually!

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