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Working mum?

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Trudyhodkinson · 01/02/2012 11:27

So here i am with my toddler-Alice. Jo Jingles DVD on....musical instruments surrounding her and me desperately trying to design a website as i try to set up my own business! I have roughly 30 minutes of concentrated work before she wants me to dance to The wheels on the Bus!
Anyone else think its a great idea to run your own business/work from home so you can be around for your little ones? Or is it better that they go to nursery where everyone is dancing to wheels on the bus?

OP posts:
Tee2072 · 01/02/2012 11:30

Mine goes to nursery 3 days a week for that very reason. Except not today because he's ill.

MmeGuillotine · 01/02/2012 13:49

I have worked from home for years now and question my sanity on a daily basis. The main problem is that no one takes my work time seriously - even if I am clearly WORKING, the questions and demands don't actually stop. I daydream about sitting in a nice office and being left alone...

louhutt · 02/02/2012 08:18

I admire your resiliance! I am in a hotel room this morning apparently working (mumsnet is part of my daily routine now!) but all I want is to go home and see the children! Sad isn't it?

Grumpla · 02/02/2012 08:33

I work part time from home and my son is in childcare on those days. Travel requirements aside, there is no way I would be able to do a full day with him as well - not without compromising my standards to an unacceptable level (both as a worker and a parent!)

I don't want to feel guilty about working when my son wants to play, or playing when I should be working.

If he wasn't in childcare I'd maybe manage three / four hours a day, mostly at night.

feedingourchildren · 07/02/2012 09:43

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

Ladypunk · 10/02/2012 12:55

Hello all,

I was just wondering... what do the ladies who work from home do?


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