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any one understand and use stumbleupon?

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Amumsim · 31/01/2012 19:55

Hello, I have a wordpress blog and have looked signed up to stumbleupon. I just dont get it, I know the basic of what it does (shows me web pages with content they have linked to my interests) but I dont quite understand how it can help my blog!
Does my blog now become a page that can be stumbled on? If I press stumble on someones elses blog , what happens then - they get a vote? Is that it?
Can anyone explain?

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QueenMaeve · 31/01/2012 20:12

sorry I don't know either. I know a fellow mumsnet blogger kindly said she was adding one of my posts to it, but I can't really understand it. Hope someone can help!

Typecast · 01/02/2012 00:10

I've written about it here

It's a fab tool for driving traffic to your blog and for recommending other people's blog posts for reading to a wider audience.

Amumsim · 01/02/2012 08:52

Yes, thats what their website says, but how? Is it that basically if I have a stumbleupon button on my blog, then people can vote me up, is that how it drives traffic to me? I don't understand what it will do?

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Typecast · 01/02/2012 15:15

It's all explained in that blog post but, yes, you're "voted up" (given a thumbs up) and the more "thumbs up" you get, the more chance you have of your post appearing in general (non-blogger) stumbles and/or being featured in the StumbleUpon newsletter. It's a recommendation tool and a way to find new web content depending on which "side" of SU you're using at the time.

SenseofEntitlement · 02/02/2012 18:04

Whenever we've had something go viral at // it has always been Stumble Upon that has started it.

I have the toolbar, but I also sometimes use the app, and I try to remember to click thumbs up whenever I see something I like. I've found all kinds of cool stuff when stumbling :-)

Amumsim · 03/02/2012 11:30

Thank you Typecast, didn't spot you're link but I've looked it up now. I getcha, thanks!

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