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newbie blogger and technophobe -HELP!!

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fab40foiblles · 23/01/2012 20:27

One of my reasons for starting a blog was to cure my technophobia, definitely an "in at the deep end" solution! First question - how do I "pick up a badge" and where do I insert it in my blog (I'm with typepad if that makes any difference).
I'm sure I'll have mmore questins later!!

Thanks - fab40foibles!

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JoanneMallon · 23/01/2012 20:35

I use Typepad too but hardly any bugger does nowadays. Though apparently it does particularly well on Google so we have the last laugh - har har.

When you have code for a badge you want to insert, you can put it on your blog by creating a Typelist, which you'll find under the library tab on your dashboard. I usually get it wrong a few times before it works, but it's easy enough to do.

fab40foiblles · 24/01/2012 09:52

thankyou very much!! Why is no one using typepad? What do they know that I don't?! As usual I just jumped with the first thing I foud without really lookinng around!

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JoanneMallon · 24/01/2012 19:14

I think the fact that you have to pay for it put people off, plus there are far more widgets/plug ins available for Wordpress now. But Typepad is good for the technologically challenged like meself, plus their support is very good if you need to ask a question. And the fact that it's not so popular means that your blog can look a bit more distinctive because you don't get so many bloggers using the same themes. So for the sake of less than £3/month, I'm sticking with it.

fab40foiblles · 24/01/2012 20:42

I'm certainly not changing now, it's a miracle I've got this far, I keep expecting to click the wrong button & delete everything!

OP posts:
CakesnKids · 18/07/2012 14:14

I'm tphinking of changing to type pad, (using blogger currently, didn't got on with word press)
How are you finding out Fab?

TheNewson · 18/07/2012 17:09

Hi CakesnKids and welcome! I use Blogger but it was literally the first site I came across.......Finally managed to get my badges sorted. Took a while 'cos I am also a technophobe!

Can't offer you much advice there, but just wanted to say "hi".


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