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What are your celebrity predictions for 2012?

11 replies

ThePoorMansBeckySharp · 21/01/2012 19:21

Mine: Frank'n'Christine to break up.

OP posts:
TheCrackFox · 21/01/2012 19:38

Simon cowell and George clooney to declare their un-dieing love for each other in a 12 page spread in Hello.

ssd · 22/01/2012 10:33

we will all be sick of seeing david beckhams face on the tv all summer, as he will become Mr Olympics

Theeverexpandingrodders · 22/01/2012 21:46

Katie price will get married :D

5inthebed · 22/01/2012 21:48

Katie Price will adopt a child from a poor country

Brangelina to adopt another child

Peter Andre will become the spokesman for Wotsits.

Rassy · 24/01/2012 18:37

Katie Price and Peter Andre will get married Wink

shouldnotbehere · 25/01/2012 13:26

Halle Berry will have a baby by a surrogate.

CuppaTeaJanice · 26/01/2012 12:34

Brangelina are pregnant 5inthebed.

MoaningMinnieWhingesAgain · 26/01/2012 12:36

Alex Reid and Chantelle Houghton will split up

PinotMN · 26/01/2012 13:50

Angelina is upduffed? Say what?

I think Philip Schofield will divorce

PestoFrostissimo · 26/01/2012 13:54

Denise Welch will come out of BB and straight into The Priory...

PestoFrostissimo · 26/01/2012 13:54

Frankie Cocozza will get a presenting job of some sort when he gets out

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