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Jellycat 'teddy' beige 18" - urgent!

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timeticking · 20/01/2012 20:58

Hi there,

Lots of people in the Netherlands are looking for a jellycat 'teddy' beige 18" (not honey bear) for a little boy who is terminally ill. If you are able to help, please can you help us urgently. Can you pm me so I don't miss your message. Many thanks.

OP posts:
KateShmate · 20/01/2012 21:11

Have you got a picture?
If not could you describe him a bit more specifically, tried researching but there are just so many!
Really hope we can help

PastGrace · 20/01/2012 21:24

Kate this thread has been posted twice - two of us have posted possibles on the other one. I agree there are so many!

timeticking · 20/01/2012 21:30

Hi there,

Sorry, I wasn't very clear. It is the bashful jellycat teddy - 18cms (not inches). There is a pic on amazon.

Many thanks.

OP posts:
PastGrace · 20/01/2012 21:36

Is the height crucial? I've found it here but it's too big

hackneyzoo · 20/01/2012 21:48

Teddies from Heaven found a replacement Jellycat bunny from a discontinued range when my daughter lost hers. The woman that runs this does not charge, here is the link:

KateShmate · 20/01/2012 21:56

I know its not the same one, but its really similar and also very similar size too. The size is the problem - the bigger bears are everywhere, just not the small ones.

timeticking · 20/01/2012 22:13

Thanks everyone for taking the time to post. Off to contact teddies from heaven - thanks hackneyzoo : )

OP posts:
timeticking · 20/01/2012 22:50

Hi there, I will try and hide this thread as I started it twice and don't want to confuse everyone. Sorry!

OP posts:
meerkatsrock · 22/04/2012 09:41

hello-i just came across this site/post, and was curious if anyone ever found the bear for this boy? it looks like amazon uk has a few sellers. they're at
hope this helps!

mrtu · 16/07/2012 02:04

This reply has been deleted

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