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How should DS handle this?

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ajandjjmum · 13/01/2012 21:27

Long story - sorry! DD bought DS a jacket for his birthday last year. He wore it one evening when going for a meal with a group of friends, who went on to a party together. Realised he'd forgotten it, and was told by a couple of friends 'not to worry, J's got it for you'. Spoke to J several days later, and was told he hadn't got it. Asked around all of his friends, no-one had it, but a couple said that J had taken it for DS.

Six months later - NYE party - DS's girlfriend sees a similar jacket hanging in a friend's house, and says 'M used to have a jacket similar to that, but it's gone missing. J's girlfriend overhears, and in her drunken state says 'no, J's got it'. She repeated this several times infront of DS's girlfriend and others.

DS texted J when he had been told about this (post hangover!), and his response was along the lines of 'sorry mate, you've been given the wrong information'. DS spoke to J's girlfriend to ask her to get it back, and she said 'I will if he's still got it', but we've heard nothing more.

It's now at the point where DS is more angry about the lies than the jacket, and his group of friends are suggesting different ways of dealing with it. We know the family of J's girlfriend (they're really nice), and I wondered whether to talk to her Mum, but then again, when they're 19 it seems like telling tales.

So....does DS take it on the chin, accept he's lost £100 jacket through his own carelessness combined with a dishonest friend, or has anyone got any bright ideas?

Incidentally, Superdry can confirm that I bought this item from them, and from which store.

Thanks to anyone who's got this far - and for any suggestions.

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domesticdiva · 15/01/2012 11:42

Hmm difficult one. I wouldn't expect DS to take it on the chin. Could he not, next time he is at J's house, casually say "oh look my jacket, you had it afterall, thanks mate!" (smiles all round) or something along those lines. J would have to be a hard faced lier to state the jacket was his face to face.

Otherwise if he does lie to your DS, simple questionning such as"where, when did he get it' would expose the truth.

ajandjjmum · 15/01/2012 13:15

Good idea domesticdivia - problem being that they are part of a large group of friends, and I think DS has only been to his house once for a party.

I can't believe the bare-faced lies!

Thanks for the idea though. Smile

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CharminglyOdd · 15/01/2012 18:10

Difficult and I don't usually advocate using facebook (as it creates more problems that it's worth!) but is there a picture of this friend wearing the jacket? Not for your DS to shove in front but for him to say, "Was browsing facebook the other day, looking at [X party/some excuse] and saw the jacket - is it possible it's just in your wardrobe?"

Or call this friend's house when he is definitely out, speak to the father/mother and say very sorry to disturb, thought friend was in, he's calling to arrange pick-up of X jacket - could he pop around now or could she tell him where it is please?

CharminglyOdd · 15/01/2012 18:11

shove in front = shove in his face, no idea where my brain has gone today!

ajandjjmum · 15/01/2012 18:55

DS and his gf have already done the FB search for a photo, and there aren't any there. Great idea though. We thought of DS going to his house (probably about 30 miles away), but as the little thief (oops) is at uni, he'll probably have it with him. I don't think DS knows his parents.
DS is in the middle of revision for uni exams, so I don't want to hassle him even more at the moment. Unless the girlfriend comes back with any info, I think we'll probably mull it over for a couple of weeks, and then maybe let the girlfriend's very nice family know what's happened, and ask their advice.
Thanks for your ideas though! Smile

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