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Registering with blog indexes? Worth it?

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yummymummyreally · 03/01/2012 17:06

I've discovered a few blogs recently that I have noticed are members of the Tots100 blog index. Does anyone know if this is something worth doing? And whether there are any rules or etiquette on joining more than one?


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Typecast · 04/01/2012 00:59

There are opportunities available through being registered with the Tots100 index such as reviews and connecting with brands (if that's the way you want to go) and a bit of friendly rivalry regarding your place in the chart. They are also connected to BlogCamp, the Mum & Dad Blog Awards and the Blogger.Ed forums.

It helps if you remember that there are over 2000 blogs registered in the index (iirc) and the top 100 represent the top 5% of all registered blogs. The chart is constructed through a number of public metrics such as subscribers, technorati score, google blog ranking, etc (there's a video being released soon explaining all the technical jargon). If that side of blogging isn't for you then it's not worth registering (IMHO).

Hope that helps :) I love being a member in their chart - it brought me A TON of exciting opportunities last year including being a finalist in the MADs, a representative of parent bloggers at a meningitis forum and some review and sponsorship placements.

yummymummyreally · 04/01/2012 07:44

I have only recently started to deliberately expand my readership from just family and friends through joining this MBN and engaging in Facebook and twitter. So I am not sure my ranking would extend much past, if at all past, bottom at the mo! So perhaps not quite the time for that. But I might consider it once I have built up some more readers.!

Thank you (again!) Smile

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marisworld · 04/01/2012 19:14

I joined up ages ago and it's been interesting to watch my progress. Like Nickie I've had some excellent opportunities come my way that have added an element of fun to my blog and my life too so I'll be staying at it
Just don't take the placings too seriously is my advice

MmeGuillotine · 05/01/2012 15:32

I didn't actually register with the Tots 100, but seem to have been added anyway. I'm usually fairly high on the rankings (currently 16th or something) but don't get many PR approaches (by that, I mean that I get maybe one every four months or so) from it and 90% of the few that I get aren't relevant to me or my blog.

I don't take it seriously at all but I do find the related woe and angst on Twitter when people's ratings fall rather hilarious to watch. Um, I'm a bit of a meanie really... ;)

yummymummyreally · 06/01/2012 07:48

oh dear... I definitely think this is one to park for a bit then. I am bad enough for watching my stats like a hawk (desperate to get 1000 hits in one month and was 'nearly' there in Dec.) So I'll continue to focus on content and regular posting at the mo I think. (yes I am a tiny little blog at the mo with a squeaky little voice!) Blush

Thanks everyone though... Really useful!

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trouble2plus2 · 07/01/2012 21:15

I too am a tiny squeaky little blogging voice and make just over 1000 visitors a month, yet am in the 300's in the Tots100. It works on all sorts of metrics which are really interesting. I am interested in stats, though am not going to kill myself over them. It's always fun to see where you are ranked against other bloggers, and though there is rivalry, I find it's all friendly. It all gets a bit boisterous the one day a month the new league is worked out, but we all just ignore it and carry on as before.

However, I also find that PRs don't use league rankings alone when deciding who to work with. SEO friendliness, engagement and having a niche is as important to them as anything else. The PRs that come your way aren't all suitable, but Tots100 keeps you in touch with things, and is another good way of connecting with other bloggers.

yummymummyreally · 08/01/2012 14:13

Thanks trouble2plus2. will think about it some more.... Smile

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JoanneMallon · 09/01/2012 13:17

I am a member of the Tots100 and went to their Christmas party at Butlins which was great (plus we got to have a cheapie mini family holiday and I won a great hamper). I think it's worth doing as long as you don't get too hung up on the stats and whether your placing is going up or down.

Like most bloggers I will sign up for anything I think will help boost the blog, so I'm on there and here, and BritMums and (whispers) NetMums etc. None of them have any rules stopping you from joining others, though some will ask you to display a blog badge so make sure you're happy with that.

yummymummyreally · 09/01/2012 18:40

Shall I...shall I not... Hmmm.

Thanks for all your help folks.. May well sign up anyway. It can't hurt can it!?!

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MmeGuillotine · 09/01/2012 19:52

You have absolutely nothing to lose by signing up so you might as well! At the very absolute worst, you'll get a few more readers and get some annoying emails from PR people offering you stuff that makes you go WTF. ;)

yummymummyreally · 10/01/2012 22:30

Hhmm. decided to sign up to tots 100only to get a message saying my website is already registered.... huh!?

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