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Rivas/Bleakley/Lampard - can we bring ourselves to care

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whatkungfuthat · 31/12/2011 13:25

...enough to have an opinion?

sorry for Fail linky I personally detest all of them but I do feel sorry for the little girls not being able to speak to their mum on Christmas day if its true

OP posts:
LeBOF · 31/12/2011 13:36

I started to read that but glazed over after a few sentences. I've never seen such a meal made of something so dull. Except moldies, maybe. Or the faceb

LeBOF · 31/12/2011 13:36

ook Like button...

MrsCampbellBlack · 31/12/2011 13:38

I thought that was the new way we referred to the facebook button - you know the faceb Wink

Can't care at all - I mean christmas is tricksy for step-families - who'd have thought it.

LeBOF · 31/12/2011 13:42

I'm on my phone, and keep hitting Post too soon Grin

whatkungfuthat · 31/12/2011 13:43

And surely if you wanted to have a perfect family christmas with your step kids you should be concentrating on them not getting in a row on twitter with their mum and alerting your tame Fail journo?

OP posts:
mynewpassion · 02/01/2012 03:18

They are all lame and should be ashamed. Just an embarrassment all around.

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