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Lost Bear: Bedford town centre

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Oubliette0292 · 13/12/2011 19:45

Bear is lost. He was last seen at the Victorian Christmas Fair in Bedford town centre on Sunday 11 December 2011. Dropped between Beales and Costa. We looked and looked but couldn't find him (even though we retraced our steps within 5 mins of him being dropped). Have you picked him up? He is small and brown and came from the book/toy set of "can't you sleep little bear". Much missed by his owner. If found please email [email protected]

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thisisyesterday · 13/12/2011 19:48

aww poor bear :(
have you been into all the shops nearby and asked if they've had a bear handed in?

GlaikitFizzEggNog · 13/12/2011 19:50

Oh no! I'm nowhere near Bedford, but bumping fir you. do you have a photo? Mners are fab for finding replacements if little bear doesn't turn up.

hellhasnofury · 13/12/2011 19:51

I will ask mum to keep a look out. She is in town most days, her fellow salvation army friends have been collecting in town too so someone might've found him.

rushofbloodtothefeet · 13/12/2011 19:52

Bizzarely enough we were there at the time, but didn't see bear - sorry Xmas Sad We know what it is like to loose a treasured toy too, fingers crossed for bears safe return. If it's any consolation we did get Simba back after 2 weeks - so there is hope!

Oubliette0292 · 13/12/2011 19:58

Replacement on its way via Ebay, but still hoping to find the original. Little boy is convinced that Santa is magic and will rescue bear and bring him home. Fortunately have managed to source a "used" bear from a former childminder, so hoping to get away with the replacement.

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Oubliette0292 · 13/12/2011 20:28

Picture added. I will try the shops next time I am in town - I already asked all the stall holders, but no luck (I even went back when they were packing up to check he hadn't been accidentally kicked under a stall).

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