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Noisy neighbour - going crazy!

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JosieRosie · 10/12/2011 16:38

DP and I live in a flat and have been here for 3 years. Moving is not an option - we love the flat and everything about living here. Apart from the neighbour directly above us......

We are often woken at 7am on the weekends (no DCs so we like to lie in a bit!) by his blaring radio and/or front door slamming repeatedly. He also does this most evenings. His radio is usually so loud that we can almost hear every word of the conversation when we are in our living room. We have tried to speak to him about it - I've been up 4 times, once he smirked at me and said 'ok, ok' when I asked him to stop slamming his door (6.30am on a Sunday), the other times he has refused to open his door. DP went up to speak to him on another occasion and had the door shut in his face. Anytime we meet him on the stairs or whatever, he avoids eye contact and walks past us. Another tenant in the building has described him as 'set in his ways' - noisy neighbour has been in the building the longest and seems to think he doesn't have to acccommodate anyone else. This person also says he has seen noisy neighbour putting recycling out on his landing in the middle of the day while he was stark bollock naked, so he may be a little unhinged Hmm

What can we do? Since he doesn't seem to do face-to-face contact, would a note under his door be appropriate? I was thinking a sob-story about how much the noise is getting us both down, but he probably doesn't realise and we would be so grateful if he could just blahblahblah, rather than a swivel-eyed rant ( I save those for DP!). Or should we contact the freeholder of the building? All advice gratefully received as it's totally doing my head in.

OP posts:
EllenandBump · 10/12/2011 22:14

I would go to your local citizens advice bureau, and they can put you into contact with a solicitor that maybe able to help! They helped me without a similar problem. Just it was a live band upstair until 3 in the morning!

JosieRosie · 11/12/2011 11:02

Thanks Ellen. Hope you got your problem sorted Smile

OP posts:
EllenandBump · 11/12/2011 15:48

Its all sorted now, and i have moved three times since but for a completly different reason. I hope you manage to get it sorted out. Good luck. xxx

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