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Chateau Gizzy redux - the venture continues at the UMN

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SupermassiveLBD · 29/11/2011 22:42

Just in case

OP posts:
SupermassiveLBD · 29/11/2011 22:43

Well, it'll do as a spare...

OP posts:
VictorianChristmasVamp · 15/12/2011 19:19

We here or where?Confused

SuperXmassiveLBD · 15/12/2011 19:56

Hi Vampy. this like button I do not like Sad Hopefully they will bow to opinion and take it off

VictorianChristmasVamp · 15/12/2011 20:20

I know. I don't mind people liking my business website but this is more personal. Some of the threads on here get right deep into it and what I like about it is that it's anonymous as far as you try anyway! But the more exposure it gets the more the likelihood someone might recognise you! Not that I really care about that as I don't ever say anything I really mind anyone knowing but then I'm a heart in my sleeve type of gal!!Xmas Grin

SuperXmassiveLBD · 15/12/2011 20:36

Just gone ahead and deleted my FB account, anyway. Not that it has any bearing on this matter, but I always hated it anyway. I like to keep the various elements of my life separate and i don't need them joined together for me by an outside agent

GoldFrankincenseAndTwiglets · 15/12/2011 21:10

Thanks for your concern, ladies, I'm ok really. I was freaking out bigtime but the scary thing has stopped now and I'm feeling much more rational about it all. I was thinking "Monday is going to prove I'm ill" but now I'm thinking "Monday is going to rule it out". Had a few wobbles as it's such a sentimental time of year but am feeling more like my old self now. Tranquilisers are wonderful things :)

I don't really get this FB thing - so is it possible for someone to link to our FB pages just from this place? Or is it only if we click a 'like' button?

Anyhoo, I am off on a little reverie of my own, due to Spiro's mention of Panther in the bath :o

IWantSantasNewToyInMyStocking · 16/12/2011 08:08

Morning Smile we have a sprinkle of snow here, enough to look festive but not so much that we are stranded.

VictorianChristmasVamp · 16/12/2011 08:11


Hey girls weren't you invited round the back of the bike sheds to the new secret den? Check your in-boxes.

No snow here thank goodness! Can't be doing with that!Smile

IWantSantasNewToyInMyStocking · 16/12/2011 12:14

Umm no, where are you then? I can't see any other threads.

GoldFrankincenseAndTwiglets · 16/12/2011 12:19

Have PM'd you.

LadyVenetia · 24/12/2011 10:52

Seems like there are a few wobbles...?

I just wanted to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and Nee Year?

LadyVenetia · 24/12/2011 11:01

New Year!!

Have you seen the Xmas message? And the trailer? Or are you all on FB now?

Regarding the privacy thing, this is another reason I like the RA forums which don't show up in search results. There's a lot on here, could MN be asked to delete the threads?

loopydoo · 24/12/2011 23:43

Hi Girls - it's been a good while (over a year) since I posted with another nn on this thread but found <a class="break-all" href="" rel="nofollow noindex" target="_blank">this Hobbit pic and thought I'd share...................................................only thing is that now I've seen it, I've gone right off RA - OMG what a beard [frown].

I feel guilty for these feelings of anti-lust but what's he done?!!!! Let's hope he goes back to his beardless ways asap Wink

loopydoo · 24/12/2011 23:46

Oh whoops - that was his own beard - not the hobbit beard. That's better than his own! Bring back the smooth sculptured look of Lucas.

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