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Amber Teething Necklace and Nursery

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CJMommy · 22/11/2011 21:31

DD 11 months has worn her amber teething necklace from around 6 months old. Nursery have decided that it is now dangerous as other children can pull on it and it could "strangle" her.

DD was in lots of pain when cutting her first teeth but has not suffered since wearing this necklace (I don't want a 'do they work' debate Grin) so I really want her to continue using it. It's not very long so wouldn't be able to get caught on anything and I am under the impression that they are continually supervised at the nursery so wouldn't "strangle" with it. I also understand that they are made to break if pulled too hard.

So, WWYD......accept the nursery's decision or try to discuss it with them. As it happens, they hadn't even told me what they had decided. She came home without it on last week and when I asked for it back today, was told that it had been decided that it was not allowed as one child pulled on it on thursday.

All opinions welcome. DH thinks we should just see if her teeth start to bother her without it Hmm but have already given her some brufen tonight as she appeared to be in pain and hasn't required this for 3+ months (could be coincidence, I know Wink

OP posts:
Littlefish · 22/11/2011 21:34

I think you should go with what the nursery says. They may have a child who is prone to grabbing and are worried that the necklace could be a target.

JarethTheGoblinKing · 22/11/2011 21:36

You should go with what the nursery says - there are very good reasons why children shouldn't wear things around their necks.

You could get a teething bracelet for her to wear on her ankle? Would they go for that?

HappyCamel · 22/11/2011 21:38

I'd try without it. They have a good reason for banning jewellery. If it did break then presumably little amber beads would go flying across the room which would ba PITA for the staff and any of the kids could try to eat them.

smackapacca · 22/11/2011 21:42

I'd leave it off. It's a genuine risk for your DD and others. I never knew what was teething pain and what was just whinging. I got through alot of nelson's teething powder and calpol though - i do feel your pain!

SirBoobAlot · 22/11/2011 21:43

Same rules at my sons playschool. I've taken it off. Its for safety reasons - if they have only now decided she needs it off, then there must be a change in circamstances, either in her climbing abilities, or in other children grabbing like they've said. You can still put it on when she's not at nursery.

CJMommy · 22/11/2011 21:56

Happycamel the beads are individually knotted so if it breaks the beads will not fly across the room.

Jareth good idea! I'll ask before I buy one though

Smacka I can pretty much tell when she's in pain with her teeth. Her cry is a different pitch, doesn't stop with milk, cuddle, comfort etc and chews on her fingers, grimaces........definatly pain and not whinging - she's actually not a whingy baby.

Ok, well thanks for the responses. I think I'll do as *Jareth suggests and look into a teething bracelet.

OP posts:
HerdOfTinyElephants · 22/11/2011 21:58

Most nurseries and primary schools will have a "no jewellery" policy and it's not really something they can relax for one person. If you want to set your own policies then perhaps a nanny would suit you better?

How long is she at nursery for each day? Can she wear the necklace the rest of the time and just take it off for the hours she is at nursery?

Sirzy · 22/11/2011 21:58

There reasons for not wanting it worn are very sensible.

kellestar · 22/11/2011 22:07

You can also get an anklet, which can be covered by socks or trews. Ask them before investing in it.

CJMommy · 22/11/2011 22:12

Herd I don't want to set my own policies. I was just asking what others would do in this situation.

Kellestar yes I'll ask them before I buy one!

OP posts:
HerdOfTinyElephants · 22/11/2011 22:21

It was just a third option -- if it turns out to be really important to you. I've never had an issue with nursery that I wasn't prepared to let go in the face of the overall balance of things, but if something did come up then it would be the logical next step. In your case, if you reach the point where you think that your DD is in significant pain through not wearing the necklace then it would make sense to look at alternative childcare arrangements where you wouldn't have to fall in with policies you disagreed with. But with any luck it won't come to that.

CJMommy · 22/11/2011 22:43

Herd to be honest, I've always been really happy with their care of DD and my older DS. It irks a little - perhaps more so that it wasn't discussed with me first but I think that is more to do with the communication skills of the baby room leader (her childcare skills are sound though). I would be willing to try an anklet/bracelet as this should be no different ( if they actually do work as they say they do!) and am not going to go in 'gung ho' demanding special privileges just because it's something I do believe in. Saying that, she may be fine without one ?!

She doesn't wear it at night as I think that is dangerous as not supervised IYSWIM.

Thanks all for the replies. I am much more calm now and know that this is not a huge issue (well, not even an issue at all) in the grand scheme of things!


OP posts:
MarinaIvy · 23/11/2011 08:04

I'm pretty much agreeing with people about leaving it off. That said, in your place, I'd be a little irked at the nursery not bothering to tell you. I know this isn't the AIBU place, but YANBU about that!

smearedinfood · 23/11/2011 16:33

What about seeing if you find some high neck outfits (do they call them polo neck) so beads can live under clothes... Winter it's got to be handy for something...

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