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How can I 'unhide' friends' posts?

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StitchingMoss · 28/10/2011 21:04

Used to be able to go to the bottom of your page and click 'edit options' but this doesn't seem to be the same anymore.

Any ideas? Confused


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StitchingMoss · 28/10/2011 21:09

finally found it! Blush

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thousandDenier · 28/10/2011 21:16

ooh, how? I've hidden a friend who is apparently being less of a nob these days and I need to reinstate her Grin

StitchingMoss · 28/10/2011 21:27


If you go to your Home page, on the left hand side it says News Feed. Click to the right of that (the edit arrow) and it should come up with all the friends/apps you've hidden. Uncross her name, save changes et voila! Grin

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