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What mummy blogs do you like to follow?

16 replies

CrossEyed · 27/10/2011 19:09

I follow this one - - but have to admit it is written by a good friend which is why I started to read it. I do enjoy it though, and wonder whether there are other blogs I might like? Any recommendations?

I've tried finding others with little success, keep tumbling on very US-centric stuff or very ad-heavy stuff.

OP posts:
dexter73 · 27/10/2011 19:17

None - they are all immensely boring!

CrossEyed · 27/10/2011 19:20

Haha - maybe I am boring too then, reading them? It's possible... Wink

OP posts:
AgentProvocateur · 27/10/2011 19:23

None. Even the term "mummy blog" makes me want to poke my eyes out. I just don't understand why bloggers would think that anyone would find the minutiae of their children's lives interesting.

OliviaBirthdayGirlMumsnet · 27/10/2011 19:26

HI there
You may get some more replies in our blog topic
I'll move this for you
M Towers

dexter73 · 27/10/2011 19:26

I don't think you are boring reading the blog as your friend has written it. When I clicked on the link and read a bit of it, it is about how her childrens hair gets knotty which is something I personally don't find that interesting

CrossEyed · 27/10/2011 19:56

Fair enough, Dexter73 and AgentProvocateur. I quite like other people's minutiae. (In fact "other people's minutiae" is the criticism DH makes of most novels I read...)

OP posts:
AgentProvocateur · 27/10/2011 20:24

TBH, I think it's an age and stage thing. If blogs were had been around when my DC were young (showing my age here!) I'd probably have read them compulsively.

And now mine are in their late teens, I'd only be interested in reading blogs from parents of teens who are even lazier and less motivated than mine, so that I could have a rare moment of smugness!

Cheeseandseveredfingersarnie · 27/10/2011 20:26

i dont 'do' mommy blogs but i might enjoy one by a person who happens to have children.

Cheeseandseveredfingersarnie · 27/10/2011 20:27

i lied theres a lady on here i love,shes fabulous but its more arty imo.

MmeLindor. · 27/10/2011 20:30

You are going to get hundreds of replies saying mummyblogs are boring, or blogs are boring/shit/stupid etc.

Do you want typical Mummyblogs, ie. lots of details of family life? Or more general blogs with other stuff?
CrossEyed · 27/10/2011 20:35

MmeLindor, thanks I like arty / days out / (leftie) politics / walking / nature / France and... kids. So I guess more general?

OP posts:
Cheeseandseveredfingersarnie · 27/10/2011 20:40

this is the one i like.cant remember who it is on mn!

MmeLindor. · 27/10/2011 20:45

You might like my blog then, as it is lefty/days out/France-tinged - we live in French speaking Switzerland. //

Or check out for rants from France.

For nature, is the BEST

If you like history and


My favourite food blogger

These are all MN bloggers (as I have just discovered your friend is, I didn't recognise her blog but then saw that she had been hacked and now looks different. I like her blog, the post about NZ is very interesting.

CrossEyed · 27/10/2011 20:59

Thanks MmeLindor - I love salted caramels... mmmmmm... a good start!

OP posts:
Violet5 · 27/10/2011 21:37

Hi, i am in the minority because i love a good 'mummy blog', and i have 2 of my own, one is more special need's related as 2 of my 6 children have disabilities.

I'm not bothered about being called a mummy blogger, afterall this is Mumsnet ! I'm proud and happy to be a Mum, like all other Mum's it's not the only thing that defines me though, i'm not just a Mum, i do other thing's too but i guess the biggest part of my life revolves around being a Mum atm.

Depends where your interest's lay,i don't know why people criticise mum blog's so much, if it's not their taste then i'd just say don't read them.

This is my Special Need's blog i started recently, on my blog roll is a list of blog's i often enjoy...although i am in the proccess of adding more to it and updating my other blog which i don't link to on Mumsnet is very much a 'mummy blog' all about family life, but it always get's a ton more hits than my SEN blog even though i often think it might be quite boring ! My last post was about getting an allotment and me being clueless.

All down to personal taste at the end of the day, but i'd be happy to find more 'Mummy blog's' to read Smile Hopefully some other people might suggest some more.

strawberry17 · 28/10/2011 09:24

Have to admit I'm not in the least bit interested really in mummy/parenting blogs, but mine are teens now and like a reader said above, when mine were babies/toddlers I would have lapped up all the information and networking out there. It's only a few years ago but when mine were tots I didn't have the internet!

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