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What (exactly) is a blog?

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KatyMac · 25/10/2011 08:48

Is it an on-line diary, or a way of getting people to read what you write or self-publicity or something else?

I was just wondering

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Trills · 25/10/2011 08:49

All of the above.

It's a regularly-updated thing, on the internet, with writing you've written and often pictures.

KatyMac · 27/10/2011 14:30

& why would you do one?

I was wondering about doing one about DD and her dancing so everyone can read about it rather than doing a round robin email with updates

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Bitzer · 27/10/2011 17:19

I'm no expert but that sounds like a pretty good reason to do one. A friend wrote a blog (largely for the benefit of her family) when she travelled round the world, worked well I think.

KatyMac · 27/10/2011 17:34

That's what I was thinking

Is it easy?

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overmydeadbody · 27/10/2011 17:51

KatyMac I have a blog purely to record all the things I sew and make, it's like a log book for me, where I can store photos of my projects, include patterns and tips and things I learnt, so when I want to make them again in years to come I have a reference point (I used to keep a paper diary for this purpose but the internet is just easier!).

I find it very easy really, I think your idea of recording your DD's dancing would be a good one.

For me it's not about my readers, obviously it's a nice bonus that people like my blog, but it's not the reason I do it.

KatyMac · 27/10/2011 18:59

So how/where do I start?

How do I deal with background?

Is it easy?

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Trills · 28/10/2011 08:42

If you want easy go to // and look for a button that says something like "start a blog".

It's only very marginally more complicated than writing on MN.

Bitzer · 28/10/2011 09:47

KatyMac ? I have to say, I've found some of the logistics a bit tricky and find it frustrating that the only place you can go for advice (on, which is the package I use) is the forums and you're not guaranteed an answer.

But definitely don't let that put you off, I think if it works well it can be really fulfilling and it'll be lovely for you and your DD to be able to have the record in years to come. Good luck.

KatyMac · 28/10/2011 10:08

How do you deal with 'How we got to here' iyswim?

OP posts:
Trills · 28/10/2011 10:12

Depends - you can either summarise in an "about" page, or you could just start writing stuff.

MmeLindor. · 28/10/2011 10:15

Didn't the word "Blog" come from Weblog - so online diary. You can use it for whatever you want.

You have to think about privacy - do you want anyone who happens to stumble on it to read it or just invited readers? Do you want it to be google-able?

Try blogger. It is very easy to use.

You can do an "About Me" page where you write the story so far.

Ask here when you have questions, there is always someone around who can help.

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