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Ideal places to relocate/live in the UK. Advice welcome!

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suzydelarosa · 04/10/2011 07:34

Well I'm packing up and putting my flat on the market - goodbye Glasgow woohoo. I am working til Dec/Jan but starting job search down south. Can relocate pretty much anywhere. Any suggestions where I should relocate? World is my oyster... looking for somewhere good for a 5 year old but want to be in England, not Wales. Thoughts welcome!

OP posts:
pinkx5 · 18/10/2011 14:20

I could extol the delights of North Yorkshire forever but there wouldn't be any point unless I know whether it has the type of work you're looking for (fashion designers a la Gautier-esque not too popular here) or whether you have a girl or boy. My three eldest girls adore the massive castles we have here and the Dales outdoor activities but we're not in a great spot for top shopping when they get to be teenagers - York is great though. Similarly, I adore Oxford but there's not much in the way of hill walks, for example, but it's beautiful and the schools are great. Both places are massively expensive though. However Sheffield, where I grew up, has a good compromise: amazing countryside in the Peak district with plenty of activities, lots of indoor adventure stuff for small kids, museums, (places like Magna are fab for kids), reasonable-priced housing (in parts) and great shopping (Meadowhall or Leeds 35 miles away). The people are also really friendly. Can you give any more details?

MowlemB · 18/10/2011 22:33

I absolutely love where I live. I'm on the edge of the Cotswolds in a small market town / large village. Lovely countryside, rural area, friendly community, easy access to Oxford, Cheltenham etc Great Secondary schools, lots of local walks. I wouldn't move anywhere else Grin.

Ponders · 18/10/2011 22:37

I'm in rural Lancashire - it's beautiful, the people are nice, & most housing is reasonable, but the weather is depressing a lot of the time, the nearby coast isn't very appealing, you have to use the bloody M6 to get anywhere, & it's a long way to France.

Other things being equal I'd move really south Smile

Ponders · 18/10/2011 22:39

(Dorset/Hampshire/Sussex/Kent first choice, otherwise Somerset/Wilts/Oxon/Bucks)

lesstalkmoreaction · 18/10/2011 22:42

i'm also on the edge of the cotswolds in a small village,near to chipping campden,close to cheltenham, stratford on avon, birmingham is under an hour, close to motorways for quick access north or south. London in less than 2 hours by train. Fab schools, primary and secondary in gloucestershire and primary,middle and secondary in worcestershire.
But miles to the seaside so we don't have it all.

fifitot · 28/10/2011 08:16

Northumberland every time. You can have coast or countryside. Massive county but Newcastle is nearby and is a fantastic city.

What will you be doing?

FlossieFromCrapstonVillas · 28/10/2011 08:20

Surrey/Sussex, South would be my choice.

BsshBossh · 28/10/2011 22:33

Well I love living in London - loads of thngs to do for us and DD, most of it free, lots of green space amongst the urban areas (eg Hampstead Heath near us, lots of local parks, Royal parks), multicultural... But perhaps you're looking for something more rural? :)

BsshBossh · 28/10/2011 22:35

Some great schools near us too (and in many Boroughs).

FannyNil · 28/10/2011 22:44

Brighton's pretty funky and has the beach, the Downs nearby and fast trains to London. Weather better than Scotland.

josephinebonaparte · 28/10/2011 22:45

Norfolk is fab, especially Norwich.

MamaChoo · 30/10/2011 11:54

Southampton - great access to south coast, New Forest, London, countryside, amazing place for kids to grow up with access to water and country activities as well as great drama and sports.

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