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Would you be interested in blogging about miscarriage for the MN campaign?

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FrauLindor · 21/09/2011 09:22

Is this something that the MN Bloggers Network could help publicise?

I know it is asking a lot, to blog about your experiences - I never have and I would find it difficult - but it would be for a very good cause.

Or if you are lucky, and have no personal experience of miscarriage, perhaps you could do a blog about the campaign.

I wondered about doing a blog hop similar to the one that MichelleTwinMum and Hello Gemma did for the Save the Children campaign.

I will email RowenMN, who is coordinating the campaign, if there are a few of you interested in joining in. The campaign is set to kick off later this month.

OP posts:
AitchTwoOh · 21/09/2011 09:24

i didn't miscarry, i had ectopics... is that relevant? loss is the same, more surgical and terrifying, treatment is v dodgy unless you SHOUT at teh time you least feel like shouting.

FrauLindor · 21/09/2011 09:27

I would say it involved better patient care, in EPUs and GPs so yes, absolutely relevant.

You only have to see some of the threads on here to realise how bad HCPs are diagnosing Ectopics - you have done it online better than the doc who actually had the patient in front of them. Thinking of that thread still gives me goosepimples.

OP posts:
AitchTwoOh · 21/09/2011 09:28

i hope that poster is okay, i haven't seen her around. she went through so much, poor thing.

OracleInaCoracle · 21/09/2011 09:35

how do you blog? i would be happy to blog about my problems (including my toady utterly shite consultant) but I wouldnt really know where to start.

breadfortheboys · 21/09/2011 09:45

I'm more than happy to blog about this in principle, having had two miscarriages and two healthy babies but my blog is not really the place (being exclusively about eating) but would anyone trust me to write a guest article on their blog?

FrauLindor · 21/09/2011 09:45

You could write about your miscarriage and look for a blogger who would post your story on their blog. A lot of bloggers have guest posts from time to time.

Yes, Aitch, I wonder about her too.

OP posts:
FrauLindor · 21/09/2011 09:48

Maybe we could get a list of those who don't have personal experience, but would like to host a guest post.

OP posts:
OracleInaCoracle · 21/09/2011 09:54

spooky is doing well, i have her on fb.

id be happy to talk about my mc's, its pretty depressing though

RowanMumsnet · 21/09/2011 11:18

Hello lovely people,

Thanks so much for this idea. Let me ask the Top Brass about it and I will try to get back to you ASAP.


FrauLindor · 21/09/2011 11:27

That is good to hear, Lissie.

OP posts:
FrauLindor · 21/09/2011 11:27

Oh, and thanks, Rowan.

OP posts:
Cheria · 21/09/2011 11:30

Good idea. I already blogged about my miscarriage here

I don't know how many people read it. I was looked after in Luxembourg and had excellent care. For an unpleasant experience they made it go as nicely as it possibly could.

Tee2072 · 21/09/2011 12:17

It's probably the one thing I've never blogged about, maybe because the first GP I saw denied it was a MC and by the time I saw my GP it was over and so I never felt like it was a 'real' MC even though my GP was positive it was as well.

But I do think about it from time to time.

I'll have to think about whether I'm willing to join, but I think it's a great idea.

RowanMumsnet · 21/09/2011 16:55

Hello again,

Elinor (MN Bloggers supremo) will post later on this week to give more details, but I can tell you now that she thinks it's a good idea. Thanks very much for suggesting it.


butterflyexperience · 21/09/2011 17:18

I'm happy to help campaign

mcrach · 21/09/2011 17:27

I am a blogger and have had 2 miscarriages . Happy to share my experiences to aid the campaign.

FrauLindor · 21/09/2011 17:44

Could I ask those who would like to host a guest blog post to sign in here? Then if any non-blogging members of MN would like to get their story out there - even anonymously - then we could offer them a place to tell it.

I would be happy to host a guest post one day and tell my own story a second day.

OP posts:
Cheria · 21/09/2011 17:46

I'd be happy to host a guest post. Also happy to link the post I already did about my m/c to any bloghop thingy.

Tee2072 · 21/09/2011 17:53

As I said, not sure I'm willing to write about it myself, but happy to host a guest blogger.

ElinorMumsnetBloggers · 26/09/2011 11:24


Could I ask those who would like to host a guest blog post to sign in here? Then if any non-blogging members of MN would like to get their story out there - even anonymously - then we could offer them a place to tell it.

I would be happy to host a guest post one day and tell my own story a second day.

Thanks for suggesting this, FrauLindor - and to everyone who's volunteered. It's a great idea, and this sounds like a good way to get organising it.

Here's a bit of info on how the network can help MN with its campaign work the week of 10th October.

We can get the word out to other Mumsnetters, for anyone who'd like to take part.

We can help promote your blogs a couple of ways: we can feature them on the site and spread the word through Twitter and Facebook.

And we could also curate some of the guest posts to promote on the site and prompt a conversation.

I'll be in touch when we've got some updates.

Toomuchtea · 26/09/2011 14:08

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BloggerAJD · 26/09/2011 21:56

I have never had a miscarriage, and my blog is quite new and probably too politicsy, but am more than happy to host a guest post and/or even blog on the subject myself. Just let me know what I need to do :)

TamsinConstable · 27/09/2011 13:37

It's not appropriate for my own blog (Looking for Dragons, which focuses on getting outdoors and involved with nature), but I might consider doing a guest post.

ElenMumsnetBloggers · 27/09/2011 15:01

Hi all,

We'd love those who're interested to write or host a blog post about miscarriage in support of the Mumsnet Miscarriage campaign this October. Mumsnet will be promoting the Miscarriage Code of Care and getting the message out into the wider world. Through blogging and tweeting, you can really help to spread the word - and as Elinor mentioned above, we're on hand to give you all the help you require...


breadfortheboys · 28/09/2011 19:51

Elen, for those of us happy to write about our experiences but without a blog (or appropriate blog for the subject) should we submit our work to you to link up with an appropriate blogger? Is there a date by which such work should be submitted?

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