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Any craft bloggers?

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queenmaeve · 31/08/2011 20:29

Do any of you do crafts on your blogs?

OP posts:
ShirleyKnot · 31/08/2011 21:29

Sometimes. They're always pretty bad though. Wink

butterflyexperience · 01/09/2011 17:50


I have a craft group that I post about on my blog and I write for my craft groups blog too:

Do you craft op? If you do please pop in a link ta!

Bettybeetowers · 11/09/2011 09:34

I do crafts on my blog //

Bek5 · 23/09/2011 19:31

I blog crafts some of the time I'm

Bek x

FlamingoBingo · 24/09/2011 10:07

Dillytante has a lovely craft blog.

MrsvWoolf · 24/09/2011 21:27

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JenniferJJ · 25/09/2011 10:37

I do some craft bits on my blog both my crafts and children's crafts.

awaldorfhome · 25/09/2011 17:56

We do crafts and projects on our blog too. We're especially fond of doll, felt making, needle felting and seasonal scenes. We're doing straw work (for harvest) this week.

overmydeadbody · 28/09/2011 08:19

Hi Queen,

My blog is almost entirely about crafty stuff. I am trying to complete 111 projects in 2011. So far I have done 89!

So Resourceful

Waldorfhome · 28/09/2011 10:20

I do like your blog, omdb. Am inspired to have a bash at making jewellery now.

overmydeadbody · 28/09/2011 16:15

Thank you waldorf!

burnhammum · 04/10/2011 14:33

I blog about crafting all the time - I'm new to this so I'm not sure if I'm allowed to put a link on here

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