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Themed Fancy dress party when over 7 months pregnant

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Fresh01 · 25/08/2011 22:20

Theme - Filmstars and Pop stars!

I am hopeless at thinking of ideas for this type of thing at the best of times and adding a large tummy into the mix is giving me nightmares.

The only idea I have so far is a pirate from Pirates of the Caribbean......

I have just over 4 weeks to resolve it so a bit of time to get sorted, anyone any good ideas?

OP posts:
BikeRunSki · 25/08/2011 22:23

I went to a fancy dress party last month at 6 months as Cher/Joni Mitchell/1960s hippy girl singer of your choice in a long swirly print maxi dress and Birkies. CND pendant from eBay.

Davinaaddict · 26/08/2011 08:54

Why not get really glammed up and be a film/pop star that is pregnant/has recently had a baby? Maybe at an event like the Oscars/premiere? Depending on what you look like (& by that I mean hair colour etc), there could be quite a few to choose from. Plus you don't need to worry about a costume as such Smile

northerngirl41 · 27/08/2011 19:58

Mariah Carey? (Having just had twins)
you could also have real fun painting the bump as something... Butterfly, basketball, tiger...

LaVitaBellissima · 27/08/2011 20:00

My friend when 8 months pregnant went as Princess Fiona from Shrek, painted herself green and everything, she looked incredible Grin

Fresh01 · 29/08/2011 19:37

Thank you for the suggestions better than my friends one of a Tellytubbie!!

The Princess Fiona from Shrek is good as the green face gives a big clue as to who you are trying to be : )

OP posts:
SandStorm · 29/08/2011 19:40

Go naked and spend the whole evening in a Demi Moore style pose :)

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