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What should I do/say?

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heaven17 · 09/08/2011 22:06

I am friends with a couple on facebook/twitter.
The dp has commented on facebook/twitter that his dp was out all day again and therefore no jobs have been done in the house. (With their dc) He has said that he is stressed out because his dp doesn't do her work in the week. Thus preventing jolly family time in the weekend.
Would you say anything?

OP posts:
AlmaMartyr · 10/08/2011 08:10

No, I'd stay well out of it tbh unless one of them asked me specifically for advice. I hate things being aired like that on Facebook really, it begs for people to comment which is never going to help the couple have a proper discussion about it.

sloggies · 15/08/2011 19:08

What Alma said.

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