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Im bored, make me laugh, please.

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spruceylucy5 · 03/12/2005 21:41

Links to funny websites would be much appreciated.

OP posts:
NorwegianFir2 · 03/12/2005 21:44

What's Santa's fabourite pizza?

Deep Pan Crisp and Even

NorwegianFir2 · 03/12/2005 21:45

favourite, even

spruceylucy5 · 03/12/2005 21:45

thanks made me titter

OP posts:
PruniStuffing · 03/12/2005 21:46

This one always makes me laugh, or smile at least.

NorwegianFir2 · 03/12/2005 21:47

Who was hiding in Santa's cupboard.

The Mince Spies

spruceylucy5 · 03/12/2005 21:49

thanks pruni, made me smile too. I often read the tee-shirts of some of the people here in Spain, they dont make sense or I wonder if they know what they mean!

OP posts:
spruceylucy5 · 03/12/2005 21:50

That made me snort nf2, thank you.

OP posts:
WeWhizzzYouAMerryXmas · 03/12/2005 21:52

Ch 4 is funny at the mo - Comedians Comedian

Some very funny people

PruniStuffing · 03/12/2005 21:59

Yes turn on Ch4 I'm chortling away at that

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