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Undecided about applying for another job - thought writing it all out would help

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Guitargirl · 28/07/2011 21:00

I have been in my current job for just over 6 years and am dithering about looking for another one. I thought I might write out the pros and cons for staying/leaving as it might help sort my head out - any advice welcome!

Good points about current job:

  1. Very grateful to have a job in the current climate - I think competition for applying for something else would be fierce.

2. I am not kidding myself that I would be able to walk into a job in a similar field on the same salary.
3. The work itself (when I am left in peace to actually do it) is interesting and varied.
4. They are a very flexible employer, I work from home a lot, my boss trusts me and gives me a sometimes ridiculous(!) amount of freedom to get on with stuff. I have generally been allowed to expand my own interests.

Bad points:
  1. 90 minute commute each way

2. Whilst most of the work is interesting the people politics there is becoming so stifling that it overwhelms the work. I have spent the best part of the last 2 weeks dealing with staffing/HR type stuff which is becoming totally unmanageable.
3. The workload is very heavy and expectations are unrealistic.
4. I work at night once the kids are asleep way beyond my hours to make up for the hours/days lost dealing with all the personnel/politics crap.
5. My diary is becoming stuffed with endless meetings about meetings, steering groups and pointless committees.
6. I manage 4 members of staff, one of whom makes my working life miserable but everyone else (who don't have to manage her) thinks the sun shines out of her behind.
7. Some of the organisation's ethical practices are questionable.

Grateful for any advice???
OP posts:
smearedinfood · 28/07/2011 21:44

I think you should apply... you can turn down a job after interview if you don't want it. You would get valuble interview practice from it.

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