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Would you commit to extra input or not?

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Numberfour · 16/07/2011 06:11

I avoided putting "Beaver Scouts" in the heading in case that chased replies away.

I work a full week at home as a childminder (so that means lots of paperwork, lots of housekeeping etc) plus I am doing a Masters part time - I am just about to finish my first of two years. The leader of DS' Beaver group has asked me to join as an assistant leader and eventually I said yes. I do believe that the group needs some energy and some new life so I thought I would try to add that.

However, at 6am on a Saturday morning while studying, I wonder if doing this is such a good idea after all. We have a full day outing day with Beavers, my assignment is due on Wednesday next week and I still have loads of work to do on it. I really really really could do with a day behind my computer rather than beavering about!!

My studies will intensify next year with the disseration being due mid Sept 2012.

WWYD: take up a leadership role in a group that really needs you at the expense of your other commitments or stick to one thing and give your energy to that??


Going to sound all whiney now, but I really do not want to go to today. I have so much to do on my assignment still!

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sloggies · 22/07/2011 17:47

Sounds like you have an awful lot on, and in danger of spreading yourself too thin....I have a tendency to do this. Better to give your best to your main priorities, than half-do everything IMHO.

Numberfour · 06/08/2011 23:07

Thanks, sloggies! Seems the decision may have been made for me - by the time you had replied, I had found out that I was (am!) pregnant!!!

Most definitely going to put Beaver Cubs on hold!

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