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Moving back to UK with nothing

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idontknowwhat · 25/06/2011 09:50

Hi everyone,

Probably the wrong place to put this but I'm hoping that someone might have some ideas that can help me or offer some support. Have namechanged, not a very regular poster but have some RL friends on here and havent told anyone about this yet.

Situation is - DP and I have been living abroad for nearly six years now.
From the minute we got here things have been really rough financially but we have been lucky and have managed to get by so far as we love living here. DP has been unemployed for 18 months now, had bits and pieces of work but we have been living off our savings and a little help from family. Dp is highly qualified but there is so little demand for his profession here and the wages are awful. I am a SAHM to our 9 mo DD.

So despite having had several offers for jobs, lots of interviews etc etc recently, nothing has worked out. We are finally done. We are absolutley out of money. We have enough food for a few weeks and thats it.

So we have to go back to the UK and I am terrified. Dp has accepted a job (everything just to be signed now). We will be leaving here with 2 suitcases and thats it. We are starting to sell off everything in the house to buy our tickets over and hopefully have enough to rent somewhere to go to. I don't know how we will manage to rent somewhere having never been in the town before or seen any houses. I don't know how we can turn up with literally a few clothes and probably bugger all cash and survive for a month with DD until DH gets paid. We have no family there and I have never lived in England before so I will be lost.

WWYD? How would you organise this? Most will be down to me as DP will be off to work as soon as we get there. My brain has just completley shut down and I don't know where to start.

OP posts:
garlicnutter · 25/06/2011 13:25

That sounds terrifying! Very brave of you :)

Private rentals here usually ask for 2 months' rent in advance. Look on websites for the town you'll be moving to and see how much that will be. If you've no-one to stay with, you'll probably have to go to a bed & breakfast for the first few weeks. This is far from ideal but, of course, it won't be for long. You should know where you're going to sleep for your first few days on arrival, so get one booked before you go.

On your first full day, go to the council offices and ask for advice. Also locate the nearest CAB (Citizens Advice Bureau - it's a national charity) and make an appointment to find out about your housing options, taxes, and what benefits you can apply for.

Hope all your sales go well. Bon voyage!

CarGirl · 25/06/2011 13:33

Hmmm I wonder if you can find a cheap B&B or travel lodge type place to stay in for a couple of weeks?

drcrab · 25/06/2011 22:36

Would it be possible for you to stay with a friend even for a week?? You say you have no family here yet you say it's 'moving back'. Is that because both your families are living abroad?

Good luck.

thelittlestkiwi · 26/06/2011 00:00

Could you ask for your OH's new employers to give you an advance? When we moved O/s with suitcases the setting up phase was tough but it does get better. Can you say what part of the country you'll be in?

We slightly overextended ourselves on rent when we first arrived- partly as OH's salary was lower initially than we had expected. If you can, it may be worth going for a smaller/cheaper rental initially and plan to move after 6/12 months. Another option for the short term might be house sitting- there are agencies/websites that might be able to help you. Or advertise?

Good luck. The job hunting phase must have been pretty stressful- like an extended limbo. At least you can get on and do something now.

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