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Should we have a commentathon?

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overmydeadbody · 21/06/2011 21:19

Everyone likes getting comments, right? But even when we read a really good blog post we don't always leave a comment, so I tohught we could all make a conscious effort to leave comments on other people's blogs in th eMN network.

Let's say, if you're in, you leave 5 comments? No need to list where you have commented here or anything, just post to say you're in!

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overmydeadbody · 21/06/2011 21:22

And so we're not just posting comments for the sake of it, let's do it over the course of a week, it's got to be a comment on something that you actually think was worth a comment! Let's make other bloggers happy! What goes around comes around...

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thefoodschool · 21/06/2011 22:50

have left comments for lulabellarama's harrased gastro blog as i really like it

MmeLindor. · 24/06/2011 11:00

Ok, I am in. I posted on a good post from a blogger reviewing the MN rules book this morning.

overmydeadbody · 24/06/2011 17:32


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queenmaeve · 26/06/2011 23:44

I didnt know there was a bloggers section! Is it new?

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