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Newbabynewmum · 16/06/2011 21:02

Check it out please! I am funny (I think!) and informative. I don't want to live like the stereotypical young single mother that society too often paints a picture of.

If you enjoy it please share it on your own blog or to your friends! Thanks xx

OP posts:
crispyseaweed · 17/06/2011 13:41

Lovely bog Newbaby.. very good. I dont know anything about blogs so am here to learn. Is a blog like a diary? Do people just write about their lives,m experiences, etc. Is it like a journal?
sounds great!
I am a single older mum having had 3 children with 2 men. My older 2 children are grown up and left home and my little one is 10yrs still at home.
You were very brave getting up and leaving with a 2 month old baby.... very brave indeed. I have a boyfriend now who works away during the week and for the first time in my life I have a loving man who treats me kindly with respect and love. I always used to pick the bad guys who treated me badly.
I hope you one day find love in your life and that things turn out as you wish. Your little girl looks a sweetie.
Best wishes xx

Newbabynewmum · 18/06/2011 19:54

Thank you! Some people blog a diary - that's what I'm trying to do I suppose. I hope it's interesting for people who have been/are going through the same thing :) I'm glad you're happy now. I am happy, no DP but I honestly don't mind! Good luck with the blog! x

OP posts:
thefoodschool · 18/06/2011 20:23

hang on a minute i've been bloody roasted for mentioning my blog. yours might be fab and not patronising like mine but rules for one...

Newbabynewmum · 18/06/2011 20:36

I did this the other day before you did. I thought I was allowed to mention my blog and apologise to anyone who is annoyed!!

Not my fault you got roasted though so don't try and get everyone to pick on me please :)

OP posts:
thefoodschool · 18/06/2011 20:38

not my intention

ComeWhineWithMe · 19/06/2011 12:57

You only got roasted TFS because as everybody told you on your thread you were patronising and basically trying to get us all to be in awe of your blog.

NBNM has joined in with other threads and would probably be happy to read other peoples blogs as well as promote her own, which is the way this sie works.

Tee2072 · 19/06/2011 13:30

What ComeWhineWithMe said, TheFoodSchool.

You are just not getting this, no matter how many times it is explained to you.

It's not because you talked about your blog. It's because you advertised your blog and were condescending about it.

There is a difference between 'look, I've a blog, have a gander' and 'Look at me! My Blog! You must read it and learn all about how to do whatever it is I do because y'all are too stupid to do it!!'

You did the second.

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