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Pain in the bum kids...

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wantsaquietlife · 04/06/2011 21:47

A little bit of background. We've lived here for over ten years as have the immediate circle of neighbors. I'm not the most outgoing or trusting of people but did make friends here when I had dd seven years ago. (Already had a seven year old ds at this point). The kids all used to play together and they had their moments as kids do but were usually fine. I did see a few things I would rather not, two of these kids could be spiteful at times (breaking toys, kicking my dd down the slide when she was a toddler) but such is life and I didn't want to kick up a fuss over nothing, just told them off.

Over time the older kids have drifted away as they've left school or moved etc, other kids have moved in. My ds ended up being the oldest in the group. He has learning difficulties and is quite socially awkward. The newer kids started taking the piss out of him, his so called "friends" joined in, started talking about him, their mums started talking about him.

I was so hurt that one mum in particular who I did consider a friend had joined in with the bitching when she knew ds. I never said a word, just backed off from them all. Ds stopped going out. It's been a lonely year. I cant bring myself to speak to the mums, ds is actually frightened of one of the newer kids although he's much younger (to be fair he's a nasty little piece of work).

Seems keeping ourselves to ourselves isn't good enough now though. I've only just started letting dd play on our front garden without my being there (leave the front door open so I can hear them) with her little friend and friend's younger brother. Every time they are there this gang of lads in the street seem to make a beeline for them. They've been sworn at, spat at, had bricks thrown at them, had their stuff thrown across our garden...I always seem to catch the little sods just as they are finishing their attack. I tell them to get lost but they've no respect for me at all.

It seems now ds doesn't want anything to do with them it's ok to make my little girl's life a misery.

Ds's former "friends" have been in trouble with the police more than once since they've been "playing out" with the new kids...yet mums I knew for years think ds isn't good enough because he has learning difficulties? It doesn't make any sense.

All I want is for them to leave us alone, we dont hurt anyone, we just do our own thing and keep out of the way....sigh....long ramble, sorry!

OP posts:
GypsyMoth · 04/06/2011 21:52

why let your dd play out in the front garden then?Confused

back would be a better option

wantsaquietlife · 04/06/2011 21:59

We cant at the moment tiffany, lots of work going on in the back garden.

OP posts:
pramsgalore4 · 14/06/2011 19:58

i would keep a log of all the trouble, if these familys are in council properties let the council know what is going on, get the police involved even if they can not do anything at the moment they should keep a log and if it gets really bad set up a camera to catch the little sods red handed, i would keep my kids in for the time being unfair i know. i am the type of person that would have a word with the parents about their kids if they were picking on mine, my neighbour still does not speak to me as i was the only one down our street to stand up to her and her horrid kid when her kid was picking on mine, i am very protective of my ds who has asd and will not put up with anyone picking on him adult or child god help them!!!!!

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