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Ever feel like we're back in the playground?

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expectingnumber3 · 31/05/2011 10:18

I've been having some problems with a woman in my village.

It all started when she eavesdropped on a conversation I was having with a friend. We were dicussing schools and I said that there was one local school that I would never send my daughter to. A week later I got a very aggressive email from this woman accusing me of attacking her family as I wouldn't use the school, asking why I thought I was better than her and demanding both justification and an apology for my comment. I was really shocked and upset. I had no idea how to react and my DH just said ignore her and rise above it, its her problem. I totally agreed with him, but it made be feel really uncomfortable going to playgroups etc as I didn't know what she was saying about me to others and for a while I stopped going, which just upset more. A couple of friends asked me what the matter was and I told them the email had really upset me but left it at that as I didn't want to get involved in any kind of bitching.

Then, a week after my son was born she sent me some texts demanding again that I apolgise to her and again justify myself.

Finally last week she burst into tears at playgroup and claimed I had "ruined her life" by telling everyone she was "evil" for sending me an email and texts. According to her I owe her an apology for saying I wouldn't use the school as it upset her so much. I couldn't believe it! I've never bitched about her and have tried to rise above her behavior. Now she has everyone feeling sorry for her as she has been crying in public and a couple of "friends" have said I ought to say sorry for upsetting her so much. I just don't know what to do now. Somehow, even after getting really nasty texts and emails, I'm the bad guy.

What would you do in this situation? And why do some people behave like this? Its really helped reading that other people have had problems like this, I thought it was only me.

OP posts:
wheredidileavemyglasses · 31/05/2011 14:45

Sorry to hear your problem, try and ignore it - she has got "issues" probably stemming from jealously, insecurity, low self esteem etc on her part. Tough as it may seem try not to agonise over it, you have nothing to apologise for and if you do say anything to her she sounds like the sort who is likely to continue the crap - it will give her someone to blame for her "issues". All villages have at least one person like it. I can think of at least two in ours! Ignore it, don't add fuel to the fire and pretty soon it will be someone elses turn to be on the receiving end of her stupid childish behaviour.

Miggsie · 31/05/2011 14:49

She is an attention seeker and clearly a bit emotionally unstable!

If she confronts you again, you will need to ask her direct exactly what you have done wrong, and exactly who you said these things to. If she actually went into detail people would begin to see that her entire "upset" has been manufacturued by herself, and that you have done nothing except make a passing remark that she overheard.

I would not respond to her texts and emails though

expectingnumber3 · 31/05/2011 16:10

Thank you so much for the words of wisdom, its really helped me put it all in pespective. Am just going to ignore her, her childish behavior and rise above it all.

OP posts:
Brightredstar · 31/05/2011 16:15

I totally agree she sounds emotionally unstable.I do think though that it is best never to say anything negative about schools in RL if you can help it. It is a very emotive subject where ever you live. Neverthless, this persons reaction is way above and beyond a normal reaction Grin

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