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Kerry Katona, Peter Andre, Nicola McLean, Elen Rivas - who ARE you, what is the POINT OF YOU ALL??

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GetOrfMoiCase · 18/05/2011 22:59

Other than to make me glad and grateful I am not a low grade celeb.

They are so desperate to stay famous.

And they look like tools.

OP posts:
Cocoflower · 19/05/2011 09:31

I like Peter Andre he seems a nice guy a lovely dad!
No idea who the last two are

oohlaalaa · 19/05/2011 12:06

Sorry cocflower, don't get what the fuss is about Peter Andre.

Can we add Katie Price and that other ex husband of hers to that list, and any big brother celebs.

I keep seeing these Kardashian sisters in the papers - dont know what that is about.

BelovedCunt · 19/05/2011 12:08

human cupcakes getorf

Cocoflower · 19/05/2011 12:11

Tbh I not overly fussed by Andre-but as a human I respect him as a father. I think he won my heart when I saw him strawberry picking with his children- just adorable!

bibbitybobbityhat · 19/05/2011 12:16

I honestly find it one of the great mysterious of the human psyche that people would want to live the life of a celebrity like this. I try very hard in my life not to feel contempt for people, but I'm afraid I find myself unable to contain it when it comes to the likes of these empty-headed fame-hungry attention-seeking knob ends. I really do.

HazeltheMcWitch · 19/05/2011 12:33

Well, you know that they - in OP - are all managed by Claire Powell of CAN Associates (well, Ellen no longer). So they all have 'stories' made up about their inter-stable 'liaisons'. They all go to the same envelope openings, and they all 'write columns' in mags like Now/New etc etc.

Twunts of the highest order. I reserve particular bile for Andre, who is really just a sugar-coated arse, pimping out his children for his numpty-fied media career.

oohlaalaa · 19/05/2011 13:23

I'd just like to agree with everything HazeltheMcWitch has just said.

HazeltheMcWitch · 19/05/2011 18:59

oohlaalaa - I LOVE it when people say that!!!

kyacat · 19/05/2011 19:33

Did you see the pics of Alex Reid on DM yesterday - an aspiring 'actor' smoozing with models on a boat in Cannes. I ask you!

Fatimalovesbread · 19/05/2011 19:39

I would also like to agree with everything HazeltheMcWitch has said Grin

TheCrackFox · 19/05/2011 19:41


(I know this isnt AiBU, but still)

It seems to me that being a Z list Sleb is my idea of a living hell - their "work" seems to consist of:

Shite reality TV show (if they are extremely lucky)

Weight loss DVD - the obligatory photo of them in the park skipping wearing a crop top and hot pants 2 sizes too small. How lucky that there always seems to be the Papparazzi there to record their shame! The weight is always piled back on 6 months after the DVD has been released.

Photo shoot in OK or Closer

Opening Supermarkets.

I can't imagine anything worse TBH.

Bumperlicioso · 19/05/2011 21:45

How exactly do they make their money? I can't see that they do anything tangible. Do Closer etc. have some kind of quid pro quo thing going on with Claire whatserface?

ManicAnnie · 19/05/2011 21:49

Talentless media whores managed by Claire Powell. Mel B's sister is in on the act now, too. Famous for being someone famous's sister. Pathetic.

pawsnclaws · 20/05/2011 07:27

A lot of it does seem to be fame by association now, sadly - as ManicAnnie says, someone's sister or (more usually) sleeping with someone famous. They get an agent, the agent drums up interest with some juicy pap shots of X in a bikini or whatever, and before you know it there's a calendar, a video, another reality show .....

The coverage of this new "celeb" clinic the other day was a classic case in point. A bunch of hasbeens and neverwas rolled out for the cameras.

kyacat · 20/05/2011 10:21

True, Paws. Like that awful Loos woman who bedded Beckham then attempted to have a showbiz career off the back of it. Urgh.

Penthesileia · 20/05/2011 10:24

Well, if Joe (or Josephina) Public didn't "consume" these, err, "celebrities", then they wouldn't be, err, "celebrities".

You get the culture you deserve.

Penthesileia · 20/05/2011 10:26

And I can honestly, hand on heart, say that I have NEVER bought a copy of Heat, Grazia, OK, or any of these other ecologically catastrophic wastes of paper.

Can you? Can you?

If you have, shame on you! It's you supporting these non-events...

oohlaalaa · 20/05/2011 11:12

I do buy mags, but not very often, probably a couple of times a year. Usually if I am getting a train journey.

I do have a rule that if I see Jordan, Kerry Katona, Peter Andre (or other sleb that irritate me) on cover, I do not buy magazine. The last mag I bought was Elle.

pawsnclaws · 20/05/2011 13:54

Well I don't buy them, but I'm the first to have a quick nose through in the doctor's waiting room ........ Grin

socka · 23/05/2011 00:06

I imagine that the real slebs, hollywood actors etc do keep their private lives reasonable private. They'll be interviews for promotion and pap shots and all the rest but if they get dumped they won't be bawling their eyes out to heat magazine.
The BB stars of this world will produce a 10 page spread where they talk about their heartbreak, their post breakup diet and an analysis of their former lovers penis size. Easy journalism, even if no one gives a toss.

puffling · 27/05/2011 23:34

I think CAN have a very clever business model. There's something of the Emperor's new clothes about it.

vogonmothership · 17/06/2011 17:07

CAN have dumped Katona, apprently she has 'blown her last chance'. Cue tabloid mags full of car crash kerry pap shots

Glitterknickaz · 18/06/2011 23:34

Dean Piper is saying Claire Powell and Neville Hendricks have split, and Nicola Partridge has gone into business with Neville.

AuraofDora · 18/06/2011 23:41

dont know the last two people either but this endless cycle of recycled z-listers nonentities is tiresome drivel pap shite

glitterknickaz - will they be called NAN i wonder?

AuraofDora · 18/06/2011 23:42

dont buy the mags either
flick through em at the hairdressers, 'cuse the pun!

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