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Visitors from abroad

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Size6feet · 14/05/2011 18:17

My half-brother intends coming to england with his mom and his girlfriend in June. He e mailed me and my siblings earlier in the year but I did not respond. He has now facebooked my DS to tell him they are coming but not a lot of detail - just that they'd like to meet as many of us as possible and suggest a meet up somewhere for a meal and drinks.

There has been no contact with him for about 18 yrs and I am not close to most of my siblings either. They dont visit me and my home situation is not suitable for anyone to come and stay or even to eat. I dont have the finances spare for any entertaining, having been off work sick for 7 months and just gone back. Even if to meet up is all he wants, I know I could not afford to pay for me and DS. If it turns out to be a joint bill divided by the amount of adults then the amount could rocket too (Been there, done that in my yoof! (Cost more than a months rent)) .

So, not sure what to do or say or ignore or what. So am stressing.
WWYD? Any suggestions?

OP posts:
sailorsgal · 14/05/2011 18:57

I think it would be rude to ignore. Could you email and explain your situation especially as you have been ill. How about looking for somewhere for offers. I know our Prezzo does a 2 for 1 offer midweek. Or meet for lunch at a cafe so then there will be no alcohol and you could just have a lite bite.

Try not to stress about it. Smile

MorticiaAddams · 16/05/2011 13:06

It sounds as though your brother just wants to come and meet you. Explain your situation and say you would be happy to join them for a drink.

If you think about it, a meal is not a good place for lots of people to get to know three as only a few people will be seated near them to chat. If it's drinks then it's easier to mingle and get to know them.

innerstrength · 16/05/2011 13:10

Why don't you suggest going for a walk together to show them the local countryside? Or take a picnic? It would be incredibly rude not to meet them or respond to their messages. He is making the effort to get in touch and coming a very long way.

Size6feet · 17/05/2011 08:50

Some good ideas here, thanks. Thats so right about a sit down meal and not everyone getting a chance to speak to them. I like the idea of a walk/picnic too. Will suggest this to my siblings and see what they say. and you are all right it would be rude and a rare opportunity missed to see them (which may not be repeated).

OP posts:
ClipArt · 18/05/2011 19:32

It's really nice that he has made the effort to make the first move. It would be pretty unfriendly to ignore it (he may be afraid of this, it can't have been easy to get in touch).

brass · 08/06/2011 09:52

family picnic?

you organise it and invite everyone. You get to be welcoming but can control the costs of your contribution.

If the others aren't up for it for whatever reason you could still arrange it with just him.

brass · 08/06/2011 09:52

oops helps to read all the posts!

threadsoffeeling · 08/06/2011 09:53

i would be happy that he wants to meet me. arrange a time and place, but tell him that you have no finances. be enthusiastic about seeing him and his family and i am sure he will buy you a meal.

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