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Struggling to conceive but I may know why

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yankiedoodledandy · 21/04/2011 23:38

My best friends sister has been ttc for what seems like ages (3 years +). A few years back in a v drunken moment her DH, let's call him Jim (who already has a child from a previous relationship) confided in my DH that he'd never have another child as 'between you and me, I've had the snip'. My DH only told me this recently when I was saying how much my BF's sis was struggling. However my DH was not convinced it's the truth, as Jim is a bit of a sensationalist, loves attention and to be honest is a bit of a drunken arse at every social occasion we've ever been to with him. Plus my DH was a little worse for wear too so can't 100% vouch for his memory of the conversation being exactly right. Now have massive dilemma of whether to say anything. BF sis had all tests and no problems found, apparently jim gone for tests too but making excuses about completing them all (away with work etc.). Should I keep quiet (dh says yes as he's worried he might've got wrong end of stick) or say something? She's such a lovely girl early 30s and desperate for children, Jim is 40ish. I'm not bothered about Jim finding out I've said something but BF already has strained relationship with Jim so don't want to cause massive ructions between them or between her and her sis if I'm wrong. BF really upset about it tho so hard to keep quiet. Help!

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kitbit · 22/04/2011 00:33

It's tricky but I think here I'd keep quiet. If they are having tests they will find out on their own. If you tell now they will find out sooner but a whole other game of politics will be added as well. And they may shoot the messenger. I'd keep schtum and be there for support if needed.

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