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Galt wooden pop up men

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belindarose · 02/04/2011 10:11

We have lost 'lello man' and DD has been searching the house most woefully. If anyone has a spare yellow stick man from this toy, we'll very gladly take it off your hands. Thank you.

OP posts:
gladysw12 · 02/04/2011 22:10

Lost H&M duck
My four year old has lost her duckie. Please , please can anyone help? she was given this white duck with a yellow beak and feet on the day she was born at Easter 2006. It came from H&M. It was lost at a music festival last summer ( I've only just found out about this site), so no hope of getting it back, believe me I have tried. I've tried contacting H&M to no avail. Does anyone have this duck from H&M or have any ideas of how I could possibly get hold of one.
Many thanks

hidinginthecupboard · 21/04/2011 22:45

Belindarose - I actually have a spare yellow pop up man. (Galt sent me a replacement and then I found ours) If you still need it then PM me your address and I'll put it in the post to you.

can't help on the duck sorry!

EasterBunnyGirl · 21/04/2011 22:58

hidinginthecupboard didnt realise galt did this. What a great idea. sadly we have blue and green left only! How much did replacement cost if you dont mind me asking!

hidinginthecupboard · 21/04/2011 23:15

I emailed asking if they did replacements and if so how much it would be and they said they would have a look to see what they had and then sent it to me for free. Very impressed with their customer service.
Typically our yellow one then turned up - if belindarose doesn't need the spare you are welcome to it!

EasterBunnyGirl · 21/04/2011 23:53

thanks very much! i'g going to contact them .good to know that lovely product backed up by great customer service too!

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