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Anyone just see Holly Willoughby stop Gino touchng her bump?

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comewhinewithme · 29/03/2011 11:52

Grin Good on her, bumps are not public property they especially don't need lunging at.

OP posts:
surelynotnormal · 05/04/2011 20:09

Her bump? Do you mean her abdomen?

Praline · 05/04/2011 20:12

I hate it that people think they can just randomly stroke your belly coz you are pregnant. Keep your feckin hands off me.

ValiumBandwitch · 10/04/2011 20:19

it never happened to me! i must have a very grizzly don't fuck with me kind of face.

geordieminx · 10/04/2011 20:21

Gino de campo could touch me anywhere he liked....

Curiousmama · 10/04/2011 20:23

Good for her.

MrsColumbo · 10/04/2011 20:31

Good on Holly! It drove me mad that people thought they could pat my bump when I was pregnant with DS1 (they didn't try it with DS 2 - the 'fuck the fuck off' vibes were an impenetrable force field).
Maybe she could have just retaliated by attempting to pat him where he didn't want to be patted?

southeastastra · 10/04/2011 20:35

miserable moo

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