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birth announcement

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sweetjaysus · 21/03/2011 10:30

if someone told you about the birth of their baby and you put it on FB but then they called you back an hour later and said 'don't mention it on FB'... WWYD? would you delete it and all the comments from other people or fess up or both?

OP posts:
BlingLoving · 21/03/2011 10:31


sweetjaysus · 21/03/2011 10:38

so really - it's not on for the person who has done it to continue responding to her friend's comments long after being asked to remove the announcement?

it's not me who has done it by the way. Both parents of the new baby choose not to have a FB account.

OP posts:
BlingLoving · 21/03/2011 10:51

No, not on.

I do feel that generally, the possessiveness over Facebook is silly. but if you put something up about someone else and they ask you to remove it, you should.

PepsiPopcorn · 21/03/2011 13:30

Yes, say sorry but you've already mentioned it, but you will take it off along with any comments.

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