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worried about neighbours kids screaming at night

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heksie · 04/03/2011 10:04

Now don't imagine me standing against the wall with an upturned glass! I am not a nosy neighbour.

I am talking about two young kids 6 and 8 yrs who I regularly hear screaming for their parents at night and nobody comes to comfort them even though they scream for about 20 mins.

Last night I went to bed at 9pm, at 10:08 I woke up hearing screaming. I thought it was my child so I got up to comfort him which to me is the most natural thing in the world. But it wasn't him.

The two kids next door are in seperate rooms and these are next to our bedroom through the partition wall of a semi but it was loud enough to sound like it was my own child. I looked out the window and saw the parents main car was not on the drive and its never gone in the nighttime. I couldn't see if the dad's car was there or not. Both kids were screaming for their dad. It was really very worrying. I actually suspect that they are locked into their rooms at night because they seem to not be able to leave their rooms when they scream and the older one is screaming for the younger to be helped. You would think they would help each other or go to each other's room?

What do I do? I am too scared to go and knock on the front door and ask if they are ok because then what happens to them after that?

Do I call the police next time? I am really concerned.

OP posts:
KATC2010 · 04/03/2011 10:18

How awful for you and of course for them.

I think if it were me I would have to check to see if there was an adult around - if you knock the door and an adult answers you could always say you were concerned in case something had happened to the adult in the house and that the children were trying to raise the alarm.

If no one answers then I think it would be a matter for the police. Although not pleasant I am afraid it would be necessary in order to protect them. I mean what if there was an emergency and something happened to them because there was no adult around?

Good luck xxx

TooTiredtoGoogle · 04/03/2011 15:31

I would do as KATC2010 says.
I couldn't live with myself if something did happen to the kids.
Have you spoken to the neighbours on the other side about it?

scurryfunge · 04/03/2011 15:34

If you believe they are home alone and being locked in their bedrooms then I agree you should notify police.

TooTiredtoGoogle · 16/03/2011 18:35

heksie did you get to the bottom of this?
Are the children okay?

stevienicks · 28/03/2011 17:10

I would contact the police you can stay anonymous as it sounds as if the children are being left home alone while the parents go out or are out at work or worse drinking or taking illegal substances. What if a fire starts in the flat or the flat is broken into and something happens to one or both of those children and you had knowledge of it. Sorry don't mean to frighten you or anything but it has happened before.

Be brave and call the police if there is nothing untoward going on then at least it will put your mind at rest.

ihatecbeebies · 08/04/2011 02:30

Does your child get on well with these two children? If so you could maybe ask your child to find out from them if they have bother a night from nightmares or something as they've heard them shouting out at night?

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