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Maybe we should start a list of women that we genuinely like?

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kittya · 26/02/2011 22:18

For their brains, talent and looks? Just to counteract of increasing list of women that put our backs up? For me I would say Jo Whiley she's bright, attractive and looks great for a mum of four at 45. I love her! (Now I know someone is probably going to put her in our other list!)

OP posts:
Georgimama · 27/02/2011 07:34

Carol Ann Duffy

Not really a celeb as such and I don't think I've ever seen her picked apart in sleb twaddle tbh, but she rocks.

Also (moving a little down the worthy scale) love Sarah Beeny, Claudia Winkleman and Davina McCall, although I can't stand 99% of her TV output. I just think she comes across as if she would be absolutely lovely to you - like a really nice, really cool big sister. Actually all three of the above come across like that.

BalloonSlayer · 27/02/2011 07:35

Jo Brand

Erin Pizzey

StewieGriffinsMom · 27/02/2011 09:09

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DramaInPyjamas · 27/02/2011 09:27

Grace Dent
Jenny Eclair
Caitlin Moran
Cerys Matthews
Liz Smith
Angelina Jolie

kittya · 27/02/2011 11:18

Tracey Thorn. Zoe Heller.

OP posts:
Normantebbit · 27/02/2011 11:42

I respect all of the above and

Samantha Morton - very difficult to work with, very demanding (I've heard) but talented and uncompromising.

Bjork - she is just herself and that is a very difficult thing for a woman in the media.

Charlotte Church - it could have all gone so wrong for her but she strikes me as an intelligent independent young woman and I like her.

Lily Allen - I also like her. Another one who is prepared to speak out even if it is about celeb crap.

Victoria Coren - I LOVE the fact that she is a master poker player and that she can hold her own when the boys around her are being clever clever.

Jeanette Winterson - isn't she raising money to treat HIV/AIDS with fucking HOMEOPATHY?

LostInTransmogrification · 27/02/2011 11:45

Lady Gaga, for doing what she wants!

ElephantsAndMiasmas · 27/02/2011 12:20

Love this thread :)

All of the above plus:

Erin O'Connor - is that right? The supermodel? Because she always seems so nice and consistently speaks up about poor treatment of girls in the industry despite the risks to her own career.

Shami Chakrabarti from Liberty for speaking up for human rights and knocking spots off stuffy equivocating politicians.

DuelingFanjo · 27/02/2011 12:22

Dawn French, Victoria Wood, Martha Wainwright, Joan Bakewell.

ConstanceFelicity · 27/02/2011 12:29

Gina McKee. Easily the best British actress there is. I love her.

Barbara Streisand.
Jenni Murray
Charlotte Church
Catherine Tate
Dawn French
Dervla Kirwan
Julianne Moore
Joan Baez
The Dixie Chicks
Kathy Bates
Laura Marling

I could go on all day.

kittya · 27/02/2011 12:30

Drew Barrymore, shes dont as flakey as she seems.


OP posts:
Ooopsadaisy · 27/02/2011 12:40

Miranda Hart - for making me feel less silly about my own embarrassing faux-pas.

Sigourney Weaver - for the incredible (and, for me, life-changing) Gorillas in the Mist.

Dian Fossey - for the woman she was (on whom Gorillas in the Mist was based).

Sheridan Smith - for her ability to be anybody, wonderfully.

Zara Phillips - for being who she wants to be whilst still holding up family expectations.

Toni Morrison - for writing fiction as hypnotic poetry.

I would also like to add the lady in my local supermarket who is always polite, smiling, professional and dignified - all despite rude customers, long hours, shocking management, horrid uniforms, shocking pay ....

Ooopsadaisy · 27/02/2011 12:42

Oh - can I add:

Helena Bonham-Carter - for just being anything she wants and not giving a shit, whilst maintaining a private life. It might be unconventional, but it clearly works.

aviatrix · 27/02/2011 13:37

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ifancyashandy · 27/02/2011 13:42

I forgot Orla Guerin - BBC News Correspondant, reported from Kosovo / Middle East and now South Africa.

Brave, bright and inspirational.

Meglet · 27/02/2011 13:49

Jo Brand
Vivienne Westwood.
Christy Turlington (campaigns for better maternity care in developing countries as well as modelling these days)
Lily Allen
Tracey Emin

boolifooli · 27/02/2011 13:56

Mitchiestinge! She's got all 3 :)

MavisEnderby · 27/02/2011 14:06

Bette Midler
Dolly Parton

loads more but not sure if these 2 mentioned!

kittya · 27/02/2011 23:50

How could I forget Kate Bush?

OP posts:
seasalt · 27/02/2011 23:58

Amanda Vickery. I watched her series about the Georgians and thought she was great.

TricityBendixx · 28/02/2011 00:02

PJ Harvey. for being a rock goddess.

said · 28/02/2011 00:05

Oh, good call re Orla Guerin. Sue Lloyd Roberts is another good egg as well, I think

Jury's out on Helena Bonham-Carter

kittya · 28/02/2011 01:15

I agree with your assessment of HBC, Ive put her in the other list!!

I like Sandra Bullock.

OP posts:
glovesoflove · 28/02/2011 10:09

Helen Skelton, best Blue Peter presenter in years.
I also like Bonnie Greer, Mary Portas, Vanessa Feltz, Sue Townsend, Beverley Callard, Maureen Lipman, and there must be others but me mind's a blank just now.

glovesoflove · 28/02/2011 10:11

OMG Amanda Vickery, yes, and Ruth Goodman. Ruth is amazing, she is on primetime BBC1 (the One Show) in no makeup and something Clothkits-esque, it's a shame that it's so refreshing to see someone not there for her looks.

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