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Beckhams invited to Royal Wedding

11 replies

peso · 20/02/2011 09:09

What do you think?

Not sure celebs should be invited but maybe I'm a bit old fashioned.

OP posts:
pagwatch · 20/02/2011 09:12

Beckham knows prince William well following the Olympic bid and the football world cup bid. By all accounts they really got on well.
Why shouldn't William invite someone he likes?

compo · 20/02/2011 09:12

Why not? David Beckham has done a lot of work with Prince William, on the world cup bid for example. And PW goes to England matches and no doubt chats to him there

compo · 20/02/2011 09:13

I'm sure Kate's got more in common with Posh thansome of the aged aristocracy with no doubt will be there

KnittingRocks · 20/02/2011 09:14

Why not?

William and Kate are nothing but glorified slebs nowadays anyway so it seems perfectly reasonable to me.

peso · 20/02/2011 09:19

It will boost the ratings no doubt. Grin

OP posts:
Galdem · 20/02/2011 09:20

Posh will be quite pregnant by then, won't she?

compo · 20/02/2011 09:24

Great experience for the beckham boys too, how many of us get to say we've been to a royal wedding

Northernlurker · 20/02/2011 09:30

Prince William is President of the FA isn't he? Understandable he would get know a footballer and Posh has apparently been asked to send Kate some dresses to look at. They know them far better than some of the Royals the Queen has invited.

peso · 20/02/2011 09:34

I think its great that they are inviting some people that they have met such as serving soldiers etc.

OP posts:
Katiekitty · 20/02/2011 21:30

Hey Compo - that's as maybe, perhaps our Kate is having a 'child-free' wedding? Imagine!

Hatterbox · 21/02/2011 22:55

At least this one wedding where there is absolutely no chance of Victoria upstaging the bride, as she so often likes to do.

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