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How would you respond to this Mum's email?

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ScarlettWalking · 29/01/2011 16:44

DD had her party this afternoon. She was unwell this morn so was frantic with worrying about if she was going to be ok so didn't think to check emails.

Anyway it was ok and went ahead I have come back and noticed one of the Mums emailed me at 7am saying she lost the invite and could I tell her where the party was.

I feel awful that her little girl missed out, although at the same time Mum has the class contact details and notice was 4 weeks. Should my tone be apologetic? I am knackered and have no clue how to respond to this. I don't know her well at all.

OP posts:
activate · 29/01/2011 16:45


"I'm so sorry I've only just checked my emails. Could xx come for tea to make up for missing the party. How about on -insert day-"

belgo · 29/01/2011 16:46

Just say so sorry she missed the party, would she like to come over for cake and a play at another time?

reelingintheyears · 29/01/2011 16:46

I'd email back and say how sorry i am that her DD missed the party and ask if she would like to come for tea next week.

Hassled · 29/01/2011 16:47

What activate said. Or even leave out the come to tea bit (depending on what your DD thinks) - many people miss parties due to their own incompetence (myself included). Not a big deal.

BluddyMoFo · 29/01/2011 16:48

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SoupDragon · 29/01/2011 16:48

Actually, I would text her something along the lines of what's been said.

LadyDamerel · 29/01/2011 16:51

Why did she email instead of ringing? Seems very odd. If I'd emailed but not had a reply by an hour before the party I'd have rung/text to check instead.

I wouldn't feel too bad about it or be overly apologetic, she could have found out if she'd tried - just do as the others have suggested re. tea another day.

MotherJack · 29/01/2011 16:52

Bluddymofo, so many of your posts make me laugh out loud!! Grin

ScarlettWalking · 29/01/2011 17:01

Bluddy Grin

gotcha, was thinking of the playdate/ tea suggestion maybe. Yes v odd not to call or text, just feel bad for the little girl.

OP posts:
orangepoo · 29/01/2011 17:05

Yes, I would apologise for not having read the email earlier - obviously it was her fault and she must know that and nobody should have any expectation of checking emails on the day of a child's party - they are stressful enough! Saying that you are sorry that you hadn't seen it is not actually admission of fault, it's just simply saying it's a shame that her DD couldn't come.

I wouldn't offer a playdate though, I would say that your DD will take the partybag and piece of cake to school to give to her DD.

ScarlettWalking · 29/01/2011 17:07

oh yes party bag a great idea!

OP posts:
belgo · 29/01/2011 17:13

That's a good idea, just send the party bag to school.

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