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toddler being left in car outside house for naps

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tiredfeet · 21/01/2011 17:43

Not sure what to do about this one. Sil has just been telling me how, because she struggles to get her 20 month old down for naps she will drive somewhere then leave him asleep locked in the car while she gets on with housework. She leaves the door to the house open and it is a quiet side road but I still feel quite uncomfortable that she is doing it.
I don't know whether to say something? I don't like interfering normally in how other people do things, and she has no family in the country so I don't want to upset her too much
He naps well in the pushchair when my mum looks after him, she takes him for a walk and then he sleeps on when they get back. I suggested this to sil but she doesn't seem keen, and to be fair to her she works four long days with a long commute so I think she is just shattered by fridays.


OP posts:
sethstarkaddersmackerel · 21/01/2011 17:44

I would suggest you mind your own business.

lifeinagoldfishbowl · 21/01/2011 17:45

I don't see a problem a friend also leaves her 14 month old in the car if he falls asleep in the car. You can see the car from the front room and can see the baby.

Panzee · 21/01/2011 17:45

What's the problem?

GypsyMoth · 21/01/2011 17:46

good grief!! yes,keep out of it!

JarethTheGoblinKing · 21/01/2011 17:46

I wouldn't do anything, she's not doing anything wrong IMO

HairyCanary · 21/01/2011 17:47

keep your nose out!

Pootles2010 · 21/01/2011 17:48

Don't see problem, my friend does this with our godson. Pushchair idea nice, but if its cold you can't leave them outside, and you can't always get a buggy in without waking them up.

scurryfunge · 21/01/2011 17:48

If the child is not too hot or cold, is secure and mum is close by then it really isn't a big issue at all.

littleducks · 21/01/2011 17:49

When mine were 3 and 1 and dh was working away alot and we had no parking near the front door,in fact three flights of stairs between, mine would fall asleep in the car and I would be so grateful they were napping at the same time, I would park in the car park and slump over the wheel and snooze too.

I think what she is doing sounds better!

strongblackcoffee · 21/01/2011 17:49

I used to do the same all the time. Can't see the problem at all, keep your nose out.

HoorahHilda · 21/01/2011 17:50

no problem at all

defineme · 21/01/2011 17:52

I did this with mine too, but they were on my drive next to front door.

Not the worst thing really and you've made a reasonable suggestion of an alternative so you've run out of options.

mjovertherainbow · 21/01/2011 17:57

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

tiredfeet · 21/01/2011 18:06

I wish I could lend her a hand! I live 200 miles away! But that's ok I don't like interfering generally I don't have a child that age yet so wasn't sure what was ok. If it wasn't ok I would have tried to persuade my mum to give her more help.

OP posts:
coldtits · 21/01/2011 18:07

I don't know anyone who has a car that hasn't done this.

compo · 21/01/2011 18:09

Why would you be concerned?

onepieceoflollipop · 21/01/2011 18:11

I do it occasionally (car on drive, doors locked, dd cannot undo own seatbelt)

I leave front door open and physically check every 2-3 minutes. Wouldn't do it if heatwave, and no more than 20 mins if weather is freezing.

Only problem is that I leave front door open so house is very cold. Also I ensure that I have the car keys and house keys on my person.

SandStorm · 21/01/2011 18:11

I've done that.

usernamechanged345 · 21/01/2011 18:11

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tiredfeet · 21/01/2011 18:14

I guess I have all this fun to come! I guess I had seen all the fuss about people leaving children in carparks etc but like you say this is just on street outside their house, and I guess because ds is only 3 months I am not sure yet what is ok once they are older. I do generally keep my nose out and I wouldn't interfere unless I had to, that is why I thought I would ask on here, rather than just interfere.

OP posts:
mjovertherainbow · 21/01/2011 18:17

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

WonderingStar · 21/01/2011 18:19

I do this with ds, park the car right outside the house and check on every 2 mins or keep him within sight.

had an old lady come up to me the other day all concerned. not because he was in the car, but because "there wasn't a car window open". No, because it was at the point about 3C outside! (He did have on his coat and another blanket and I was only giving him 10 more mins nap.) Why would I leave the car window open?!

tiredfeet · 21/01/2011 18:23

I suggested it because she was asking for suggestions too, she doesn't enjoy driving its just all that works. We are v close, she suggests stuff to me, she was saying she didn't know what else to do to get him to nap so why wouldn't I suggest stuff to her. I guess my reaction maybe because I am used to having 3 month old and I wouldn't leave him in car like that, but then I can carry him in so don't have to.

OP posts:
baabaapinksheep · 21/01/2011 18:41

I do this all the time with my DC. Although I can't see the car from inside the house, it is behind 6 foot locked gates and the car is always locked. Go and check every few mins as well.

No doubt someone will be along soon to warn about the dangers of the car bursting into flames or your child being abducted.

mjovertherainbow · 21/01/2011 18:42

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

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