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What would you have done/ what do you think the outcome should've been here?

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HuwEdwards · 18/01/2011 10:41

DP and I took DD and some of her mates to the local multiplex cinema last week for her 11th birthday.

It was a Sun afternoon and the (rather small) cinema was fairly packed.

Film starts and very quickly it becomes evident that there is a female behind us with special needs - there was intermittent loud clapping and prolonged whooping and hollering and stamping of feet, with breaks of silence for about 10 seconds.

I could hear some (what sounded kindly) Shhh noises I'm guessing from the people with her but to no avail.


OP posts:
northerngirl41 · 18/01/2011 10:47

Quickly exit the cinema without making a fuss, find a manager and ask if there is anything they can do.

Of course, they can't block the person from entering (anti-DDA) but they usually have the right to refund your tickets. It's annoying but I'm guessing taking several 11 year olds you probably were expecting some noise anyway.

thenightsky · 18/01/2011 10:53

What Northerngirl says really. I cannot think of anything else other than just sitting there and waiting to see if the person behind eventually calmed down.

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