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I like Rachel Stevens

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UnquietDad · 12/01/2011 21:13

Well, I do

Cute baby too.

And I'm pleased she married her childhood friend and not some arse-brained footballer wazzock.

OP posts:
NannyState · 12/01/2011 21:14

Always see her in Brent Cross. You could fit her in your pocket, UQ. She is weeny.

AnyFucker · 12/01/2011 21:15

my DH has always had a soft spot for Rach

she is very pretty

MrsCurly · 12/01/2011 21:16

I sat next to her on a plane once. She was quite rude.

UnquietDad · 12/01/2011 21:17


OP posts:
nigglewiggle · 12/01/2011 21:29

When I was much younger.... and watched Popworld... I can recall Simon Amstell being very rude about her being vacuous and dull.

Cute baby though Smile

LeQueen · 22/01/2011 17:29

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

msrisotto · 22/01/2011 17:33

Faakin hell, did you see the comment at the bottom of the article?

"God, she looks so plain now, at the time he must have though he had one of the most beautiful women and now look at her

  • Lazmac, London, 13/1/2011 00:28"


Some people are just shit really!

Her baby is adorablee.
Bumperlicious · 22/01/2011 17:39

Cute kid

deaconblue · 25/01/2011 14:00

very cute baby, spitting image of her dad though. I thought she seemed sweet but dull when she was on strictly. But, to be honest, the world would probably be a better place if there were more sweet but dull people in it.

reddaisy · 10/02/2011 21:39

Years ago we I took a young family member to see SClub 7 come out of their hotel before a gig. They all marched past a very small group of fans and wouldn't stop to say hello or sign an autograph. My young cousin burst into tears and Rachel ran back, gave her a little hug and took her autograph book onto the coach, got everyone to sign it and brought it back. So I think she is nice!

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